Air of novelty to the walls of the house

To completely change the appearance of the house walls to our rooms and sometimes just very little, a coat of color, a trompe l’oeil, a new wallpaper.But if you find the walls of the house boring and do not want to do great work, if you are tired of the usual paintings and prints, posters and want vivacizzarle with some new, special design and below we offer a roundup of items made ​​by designers, graphic designers, architects and illustrators who have created beautiful posters colored characterized by minimal graphics, but not too much.

wall mural emily gilbert photography_thumb[3]

For fans of the Eastern world and the graphics here is a series of posters very interesting, very simple images and minimal choices and represented by the graphic designer Christopher Dina .It is posters characterized by a colored background and the representation of a single object , something related in an unmistakable way to Japanese world , such as the shape of an oriental teapot , a small origami, or a fan.Stylized images, a really essential to design posters that you can hang anywhere, from the kitchen to the study, to bring a touch of color and internationality.

These posters will be particularly appreciated by lovers of graphic design and advertising.It is in fact a series of 25 posters, 25 particularly complex logos with graphic signs, frames, decorations, colors, fonts, unique and refined.


The style is definitely very retro , logos appear to come directly from the recent past, and I can give birth to their poster very beautiful and refined way.Are an example of how creativity can come out with anything, and even a simple name can become a beautiful picture, a poster perfect to decorate their walls in an original way.

The posters designed for the environment of the kitchen are often trivial, food images, or kitchen accessories, hard to find something design, images, simple but effective, and why not even funny.A nice solution and an alternative may be to hang in the kitchen or dining room poster “Foodie Alphabet” the illustrator of Indian origin Vidhya Nagarajan, a kind of very special spelling-book, where each letter of the alphabet is drawn as the food which gives its name, for example the letter “l” is designed as a leek in English “leek”, or the letter “g” became a slice of gorgonzola.


The peculiarity of the poster is also illustrated in the choice of foods, it is not in fact the classic foodstuffs to which we could think of, such as tomato or apple, but are finest ingredients, belonging to a culinary culture slightly different from ours, the poster in fact we find roots, bean sprouts, a particular type of fennel, and other fruits or vegetables to us almost unknown.A great way to learn new things, nine food and other cultures.You might think that posters of the principal object of the film there are already enough, yet every time a new designer manages to surprise, poster designing new, beautiful, original, never seen before.

wall mural via mad cap cottage_thumb[7]

This time there Juresko Adam, author of a series of movie posters that are able to mix very effectively, images, drawings and writings.Each film represented, from Singin in the rain, in Black Swan, is presented through a collage, a kind of new where cover is reinterpreted the film, presenting some of the elements that characterize most.

A poster very artistic, to have in the house to decorate and remember their favorite movies.
If your kids go crazy for cartons and would like to upholster their bedroom posters of their favorite movies, you might try to convince them to choose the poster a bit ‘more refined design than the classic ones that are on the market.For example if you love Pixar cartoons could take the poster designed by Lee Wonchan: very colorful backgrounds combined with special simple and minimal of the most famous.


For example, if your child like “Toy Story” you can buy the poster with the footprint of the boy protagonist Andy, a way for the sake of children playing with them for guessing the movie from the poster, and you will have beautiful and poster design , a solution that satisfies all If your children prefer the style of Disney , from the classics to new releases, there is a solution: the posters designed by the king, blog , a couple of graphic designers .

The style of the poster is similar to those created by Lee Wonchan, the characters are not represented in their entirety, but are identified by using some details, the smile of the Cheshire Cat Alice in Wonderland, or nose wooden Pinocchio.But not too bright colors and details, these posters are made of this, simple and minimal but effective.

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Here’s the poster collection “Forgotten Modernism” created by illustrator and architect Michael Murphy and the principal object of the main buildings of the modern city of San Francisco.Each poster is indeed dealing with a building that is represented by a very colorful and attractive graphics, a kind of personal guided city tour, an act of love towards architecture and this fascinating American city.