Aluminum pergolas

Among the advantages, possibilities of automation and waterproof perfect.Even as regards the pergolas aluminum remains one of the most surprising materials, characterized by great lightness but also by a solidity perhaps unexpected given the limited size of its supporting structures.Wood or aluminum? The dilemma of all outdoor structures is found also for the pergolas, with some fundamental difference.

DIY Aluminum Pergola

It is true that the classical structure of the arbor is to use a natural essences: the harmony that is established between the vines on the roof and the frame is at its best when it is full and the mechanical parts are minimized. On the other hand, a pergola is a structure that inevitably is subjected to high stresses: Given that not infrequently there are also independent pergolas as well as those who insist on the wall, gusts of wind, heavy snow, rain and storms end invariably by putting a strain on the strength of the cover, not to mention that the wood requires constant care not to spoil.

Here then that aluminum, one of the most versatile metals in creating furniture indoor and outdoor, is presented as a viable alternative for those who prefer to give up in exchange for a classic versatility.

A solution for all
Yeah, versatility: this is the magic word when the subject of the litigation is aluminum, at the complete disposal of designers and buyers with its flexibility to meet the most diverse requirements. From the restaurant you want to cover a large area of ​​an outdoor terrace with a pergola which, however, at the appropriate time, can also repair customers with a hermetic protection to the tenant who prefers the simple pergola to the gazebo for added strength guaranteed by the support to wall, each requirement can be satisfied by a pergola made of aluminum, almost always at a cost significantly less than the wood.

Lightness and design strength
Pure aluminum or aluminum with stainless steel insert is then starred in a remarkably light yet strong, which ensures hermetic sealing and waterproofing absolute if necessary. The maintenance requirements for this material are minimal and guarantee a long life of your pergola, practically unassailable. Wind and extreme temperatures not in fact constitute a trap for the aluminum roofing, which compared to wood also require a smaller dimension of the bearing elements, for an aesthetically different but certainly lighter.

Automation options
The potential of aluminum are also reflected in his relationship with automation technologies that often make use pergolas to facilitate opening and closing procedures that may be necessary in certain cases, where the particular weather conditions inadvisable to adopt a coverage fixed. With the introduction of folding towels (a package or by other means), it is very easy to add to your model pergola where the guides slide the cover is in full automation with the help of the manual is human, with the winch reel or other solutions.


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