Amazing Aggaro designer “Fernando Garcia”

This is a civil engineer enthusiast sculptural yet functional furniture. So a few months ago was raised to create your own signature. Thus was born “Aggaro”

Just a quick look at the furniture that make up the first collection of Aggaro to verify that this is very special pieces. In an extraordinary quality, luxury materials and limited production artisan behind these works of art is a civil engineer and amateur art design: Fernando Garcia. We asked you to tell us some of the keys to these amazing sculptures that are both tables, chairs, sofas, shelves or comfortable.


When “Fernando” was asked about the design engineering , he said that the engineer seeks applications that solve problems through creativity. Works are designed so that they are functional, that is, having an ultimate goal, besides being beautiful. The forms that inspire me encounter that make sense within a given environment, also providing uniqueness and beauty.

And here are some of  “Fernando” answers about his amazing designs

Have you always designed sketches of parts or something that suddenly appears?
It is as if the designs were there, some years have been shaped and materialized. From an idea to start drawing sketches revolve around that concept to materialize then creating a sculptural, conceptual basis of each collection.

Tell us some names of designers and  craftsmen who are referred to you …
I will say the name of two architects, Oscar Niemeyer and Santiago Calatrava, because, in both, the concept of beauty is associated with the use of the curves and balance of forms, providing an aesthetic sense his works where raw beauty of the result , making the image of the finished work forward, and moves you on an emotional impact intensively to discover. As a craftsman, for the care and treatment of materials continued concerns about getting a perfect finish, José Vila, with which I have the privilege of working.

The first thing that is obvious from your furniture, in addition to their perfect finish, is your preference for the sinuous curves, the triumph of the curve …

Yes, because the curve is harmony and multiplicity of choices, is in nature and in art, which are the most perfect inspirations, also fits adequately to the corporeality of the human being and its ergonomics and even allows infinite forms, as the Möbius strip, conveying continuity and elegance.

As for materials. What materials do you use?

We made a very careful selection of the materials that make up the pieces, wood, steel, stone, leather, together with the transparency of glass, harmonize and highlight each other. It’s great to work with, the materials themselves and are themselves works of art that allow us to mold them raw, not always as easily as we would like, to designs previously in my head. The result has to be spectacular.

What do you offer these materials?
The warmth of the wood and the contrast with the modernity of steel, resulting in unique pieces, innovative in concept or form but also in symbiosis with classic beauty.


Here are some of his amazing designs …








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