Amazing Ddesigner Rradiators

Maybe you change your mind radiators home, now that the warm weather is coming. Be surprised by what we show in this report

It seems that at this point in May and very slowly, spring finally is being seen. Weather still will bring some surprises, sure. Despite this, we can go by posing some of these small reforms that time we wanted to do.  Those who hope for early summer.
Change radiators home is one of those small works that often pose for the summer. And so we wanted to show the developments in this sector. A sector in which, increasingly, the design is critical.

To check, not just look at the radiator ‘Zhender Fina’ which, incidentally, has just picked up the prestigious Red Dot 2012 for its “aesthetic and sustainable trends.”
This striking piece is a front radiator with a stylized, minimalist and sophisticated of only 20
mm deep. To attach to the wall, the sides have a special system that brings a transparency effect. The result is a work of art that seems to float.

No doubt that the radiator is no longer a functional piece without further to become a decorative element of the house.Irsap, for example, presents the model ‘Squared’, composed by tubular radiator water Tesi, a classic of the firm, which includes an accessory in a grid as if it were a sculpture.
Made of steel and composed of two or three columns, both the radiator and the accessory can be combined freely between sets of colors: Galileo, Leonardo and Michelangelo, one of which offers finishes such as flamed copper.
The same signature is ‘Relax electric’, a dry heat radiator with a sober and elegant aesthetic that fits discreetly into any environment. Clad in a rectangular steel front, this piece can be installed vertically or horizontally. One of its advantages is that it consists of an innovative wireless thermostat.

‘System’ is the new model Deltacalor , one of the Italian companies combining design and heat. Designed by Studio Dell’Acqua Bellavitis, this is a truly innovative radiator that hides the essence of its design in a unique technology, which aesthetic allows for multiple configurations.
The basis of this project consists of l to technology “heat pipes.” Water flows through the collector and radiator conducts heat quickly and evenly to the tubes. Thus, the water becomes heat evenly along its length, which guarantees optimum heat production.