Amazing Expressionism Architecture – soulful building you will happy on it

Expressionism architecture – sensitive building of the Expressionism architecture was an Architecture  movement, today you will find a variety of colors in one decor which emerged in the first decades of the twentieth century. The first steps were associated with the expressionist movement in other Visual arts such as painting and graphics. The term “expressionist architecture” has referred at the beginning of the activity of the avant-garde architects from 1910 to 1924.

Architecture Expressionism a building with decoration

Now called the whole architecture with similar properties. First, this style in Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, and Denmark was common. It is characterized by deformation and fragmentation. The materials were different and used in a new way.

Architecture Expressionism like a mountain

Expressionism in architecture is so described: the form is crooked and quarreled because it is more important to express feelings as to be rational. In this context, the expressionist architects deny the whole rationalism in art. The concept is more appreciated than the function. But are the most expressionist buildings still standing. In my article, postmodern architecture, see other weird building!

Architecture Expressionism many buildings next to each other

Two representatives of expressionism architecture are Bruno Taut and Erich Mendelsohn. The work by Mendelsohn, which Einstein tower that is a hallmark of this style. This strange Tower is located in Potsdam and is a symbol of the theory of relativity by Einstein. This tower is located in the middle of a beautiful park with Observatory. Potsdam is known not only with the Castle Sanssouci abroad. This Park is one of the city’s most popular attractions.

A tower with modern architecture features

Architecture expressionism to some range

Architecture Expressionism with brick stairs

Architecture of expressionism in all symmetry

Architecture of expressionism in gray color

Architecture of expressionism very wonderful too

Expressionism architecture a building in orange

Expressionism architecture a fancy design

Expressionism architecture building with elongated shape

Expressionism architecture like a castle

Expressionism architecture uses many bricks

Expressionism architecture windows like eyes

Expressionism architecture with interesting stairs

Expressionism architecture with large Störnstein

Expressionism architecture with round shape

Expressionism architecture with very sharp tip

Expressionist architecture a building with many curves

Expressionist architecture a church with cross

Expressionist architecture a utopian building

Expressionist architecture as a building machine

Expressionist architecture at a sunrise

Expressionist architecture Einstein Tower in autumn

Expressionist architecture Einstein Tower in summer

Expressionist architecture lotus sanctuary beautifully

Expressionist architecture the Opera in Sydney

Expressionist architecture with a glass façade

Expressionist architecture with brown roof

handsome architectural Expressionism like waves

Modern architecture features at Expo


Modern architecture features of expressionism

Modern architecture features so deck restoration

Modern architecture features two sculptures

Modern seaside architecture features