Amazing Parquet flooring in the living room 2016

Whether the parquet flooring in the living room adds character, Plank Flooring, herringbone or floor – Creates a homely ambience with its charming look and fits harmoniously into every furnishing style. The representative flooring is THEREFORE love love especially suitable for use in the living area – just there, where the family is happy and where guests are received.

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The sturdy parquet flooring enjoys thanks to its durability a great popularity. So worth the investment and really pays off, Several criteria play a role at the time of purchase.

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1. The type of wood – the hardness of the Appropriate Holzartbestimmt location. The hardwood species include Doussie, Merbau, ash, beech, Robinia and Wenge. They are perfectly suitable for use in areas with heavy use: color: such as living area and hallway and a good choice for families with small children or pets.

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2. surface treatment – DEPENDING ON can be fitted the wood from editing with a refinement. Stylish parquet floors on come in various designs, for example. A lime pasta is Applied at gekälktem wood, brushed wood Creates a delightful relief during heat treatment – an attractive reddish hue. In addition, the surface can be oiled, Treated with UV oil or painted. A natural oil-treated parquet is attmungsaktiv and can regulate the humidity in the living room. Regular care is crucial to the longevity of the natural material in this case. UV oil protects the wood from the strong rays of the Sun and discoloration. Varnished parquet flooring is Considered to be extremely durable.

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3. Parquet floor lay the laying method – of of basically deterministic mines the effort – a click System Considered the cost-free variant, you shouldhave degree of craftsmanship When fitting tongue and groove. With the purchase of shoulderstand Valhallavägen moisture protection / for example by PE foil / and impact sound insulation are thinking.

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Light wood: such as ash or oak can work the room visually bigger – THEREFORE They are particularly popular in the Scandinavian countries. The fine and uniform structure of brightwood in bright sunny colors form the perfect backdrop for creative establishment.
Reddish wood with fine grains / like beech / finish the living room and give Establishing colonial the load Fine sanding. they  are ideally suitable for rooms with North orientation.

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Parquet floors with dark coloring / for example smoked oak / the living room gives a glamorous appearance and lets dream a great Gatsby of the luxurious facilities of the film. Together with comfortable leather furniture in hot nuances and fine home accessories in gold look, the dark brown flooring makes the perfect ensemble.

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