Amazing Quilted beds designs

We all care about our furniture will look like. To buy a new bed is sometimes like a new car to buy, because it actually comes down to how it actually looks. The design is most important, and everyone has a different taste, but the style is something that you can actually “see”. But what happens when we talk about the design of beds. It isn’t usually about his appearance, as long as we are able to sleep, it doesn’t matter. But in fact it is worth to spend money on unique furniture because they add an aesthetic dimension to your bedroom. This is especially true for people, the art and expressions of love.

quilted beds Giuseppe Vigano cream

And what is with the quilted beds? It sounds strange at first, but look at these quilted beds, designed by Giuseppe Vigano. The quilted modern bed looks like a sofa. The bed has a rectangular or Crescent shaped headboard with decorative buttons. the mother of Pearl buttons are sixty and the removable padding for an easier cleaning. There are two different versions: comfort and refined luxury.

quilted beds Giuseppe Vigano black

quilted beds Giuseppe Vigano gray

quilted beds Giuseppe Vigano white

quilted beds Giuseppe Vigano

quilted bed head

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