An Elegant and Romantic Bathroom

The decor in this bathroom highlighted by touches of sophistication they wear different corners. It is a setting with a romantic, intended for a light and airy space that promises comfort and many inspirational ideas for creating stylish interiors.

Dazzling French Bathroom Designs W

In this bath classic aesthetic details that have been chosen to decorate fill the air with elegant touches. Materials, shapes and textures are combined in such a way, taking care to detail that result is achieved print to stay personality and a unique twist.

They have integrated elements and furnishings to make this a comfortable and functional space, and in turn, to endow them with a feminine touch.
These pieces with an aesthetic intention are incorporated inside also provide a convenient feature. Choose wisely one mirror , a chair or curtains may be the key to a stylish decor.

These elements include: first and one of the most striking, is the imposing mirror you saw one of the walls from floor to ceiling. Every bit as decorative as useful accompanying retro style lines present in other supplements .

A large chandelier in the ceiling is responsible for the general lighting of the bathroom, wall sconces and a mirror placed on either side of the sink, complete it.

A curtain extending across the plane occupied by the bath , the boundary of this area, with light and delicate fabric achieves a cozy effect. The same applies to stay integrate furniture addition to their utility (such as warehouse space, support or seat surface), can add a wink shirt.

Choose items that bring personality to the environment, with the finest materials and a classic air to give life to a refined and romantic bathroom.