An open dining room (and even living room) kitchen full of light

I never would, as I have said on occasion, but I can not help admiring the lovely design of this kitchen, living room , large windows overlooking the garden / patio. The design on the combination that never fails black and white, broken only by the details of wood and plants, is the interior and architect Hecker Guthrie .

dining area decor

A large open space, wherein the integrated glass, marble (both tops and wall coverings), the wrought iron, wood and mirrors . A house where the details are important and measured to the nearest millimeter visual impact thereof.

dining area furniture

For instance, the faucets, the sink and the cupboard handles kitchen color black , which highlights a lot with all cabinets and white countertops (either wood or marble), the lamp on the battery sink, also of black color and with a design to modern and classic (what can not? Nothing more classic than the typical flexo with round screen and nothing more modern than hang at the side of a cabinet in a vertical bar)

Designer Dining Room Decorating Ideas

The soil is not black, but it’s so dark, that would rate in the black and white pair. Wooden, long strips with a dot aged . The furnishings in the living area with light wood are simple and not surprising to see them in the kitchen (living room, okay, but in the kitchen) and dining table black lacquered wood chairs with bars (one of my models Favourite dining chairs and kitchen), with detailed seat in another color to break the monotony.

dining area lighting

Special mention torque to the lamp hanging over the dining room , strategically located in the area of windows to enjoy the guests and getting the feeling of extension of the outside indoors, lamp glass, round, hanging just d and a black cord .