An original chair made sweater by designer Aga Brzostek

Aga Brzostek is fashion designer and interior designer based in Krakow, Poland. Today we present his chair Autumn / Winter Fashion Seasonavec integrated coverage that aims to keep us warm during the winter. To achieve this furniture original, Polish designer found inspiration in his experience in the fashion industry. When seated cover envelops us like a large sweater.


This is also why Aga Brzostek called this chair Autumn / Winter Fashion Season. Here’s how the creative itself explains the appearance of the project this original chair and its functional qualities: “The origin of the idea of the chair was the cool climate around my place of origin, located in northern Poland. This chair sweater can be very useful during the winter evenings, when you read a book and even napping. It creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. “In addition, this original chair is extremely comfortable. It is lined with polystyrene foam and the cover is made ​​of recycled wool.

An original chair cover with integrated wool

The cover is detachable and adjustable which allows the user to change the appearance of the chair according to individual preferences. The chair also includes pockets for books and magazines. And even if you it is heated during the winter, it is so nice to sit comfortably covered with a warm textile. Look at the pictures and enjoy this original chair .

chair for cold winter evenings


Recycled wool

The cover folds back on the chair