Animals in paintings

L ‘man since ancient times depicted his surroundings, and he was fascinated or intrigued with its beauty. The animals played a very important role in the representation, and their popularity à becomes from the fact that the animals accompany man throughout his life, especially as basic source of livelihood, but also as protagonists of fairy tales and stories or fellow games and life.


The representations of animals have become an independent genre in painting in the sixteenth century, especially in the Flemish and Dutch painting, as well as is in French.

It is worth noting that the animals in the painting were represented in different ways: in a naturalistic way, or through the symbols linked to them, or in a metaphorical way: in the latter case they are personifications of animals or giving them human traits. As in the case of the Lady with an Ermine by Leonardo da Vinci or the Madonna of the Goldfinch by Raphael Sanzio, the animal could be symbolic attribute of the human figure.
The paintings of animals can be a great way to enrich and diversify the decoration d ‘internal pleasure à not only to animal lovers. Through the use of this type of switchgear, the environments in which they are located become more ù attractive not only for the people who live there, but also for the guests. This is certainly an original idea, able to surprise.

Keep in mind that animals arouse strong emotions, usually positive, such as curiosity à , tenderness, enthusiasm, etc.. The paintings with images of animals may enter our environments the strength of wild animals, or the elegance of elephants walking across the savannah.
Pets like especially to children, so ‘use paintings with animals can’ be a great way to decorate their rooms.

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