Antique furniture in modern homes

Never there was a time in which different furnishing and fashion styles have stood side by side. In addition to modern furniture trends also vintage and shabby have begun to chic in the living room. Just young people once again appreciate the charm of antique furniture and combine these brave in the mix of styles. Learn how a managed furnishings with antiques can be achieved and where you acquired the pieces best.


From a legal point of view furniture from over 100 years old is considered to be antique. Antique furniture originated in time, as it is now, the elaborately produced furniture pieces considered privilege of the well-heeled. The Carpenter order books were full of custom-made products, which was to make it exactly according to the customer.


Some of this richly decorated pieces of furniture survived almost undamaged fires, wars, riots and apply today as silent witnesses of the time with a high rarity value. Especially bookcases, game tables, classical armchairs or Secretaries from the 18th century to the District of the most popular eras of sophisticated furniture collector.


Furniture from the early 20th century, as well as from the 1960s are popular especially for people with a passion for exceptional design and exciting forms. You are indeed not antique, but still have a retro charm that effectively the Interior which can be used.

The Interior reflects the character and of course contributing to the own well-being. Not to be underestimated is in this context that antique furniture are not only beautiful but also chemical-free. An individual touch gets the apartment when combined with antique furniture modern furniture in an elegant manner. To find the ideal mix, there are in each room a priority to put. The planning before the mind’s eye, for example, on a more modern style with clearly structured forms, is occasionally placed antiques, such as chests of drawers or secretaries, the overall visual impression complete.


This method can be of course reverse according to taste. Here it is loosened up heavy and dark the antiques with clear and minimalist designs. Who placed amidst a beautiful Biedermeier Secretary walnut in his living room, for example from high shelves, a simple leather sofa and a modern lighting concept breathes elegance and luxury space. In principle, you can so deliberately combine both interior design styles. Whether modern or antique furniture place emphasis, depends on personal taste.


What is the correct way to find the perfect piece of furniture, is on the one hand depends upon personal preferences and on the other hand the intended budget. For special rare and precious uniques on corresponding auctions, recommended to visit, for example, online at Auctionata. Here, particularly well-preserved pieces can be bought.


Everywhere in Germany but also individual collectors and antique dealers specialize in selling antique pieces of furniture. There are real pieces of jewelry to have even less well preserved and thus less expensive antiques, requiring a revision and for the modern Shabby chic style suitable. Alternatively, discussions in the circle of friends could provide first evidence for the search. Furthermore, recommends visiting the classic buying and selling. Many of these enterprises contribute to budget resolutions and not rarely happen to discover an antique in the attic.