Antique furniture purchase and properly put in scene – clever decorating tips

An easy undertaking is not necessarily to set up an apartment. It is completely indifferent whether it is the first apartment or if you pull together with his partner in an apartment. The tastes are different, and while it has too few furniture in the first apartment, it is the opposite in a common apartment rather.

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The excerpt from the parental home

The budget they finally hired his first own four walls, is often small and ask the grandparents, or also known, whether they have maybe a few pieces of furniture, they no longer need. Most are old or even ancient pieces of furniture. However you should check this carefully, because it would be a pity if an antique Cabinet does not recognize and would then simply be coated with paint. Antique dealers, such as for example the original antique furniture, check the furniture as a rule free of charge and make the restoration also free offers.

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Antique furniture properly put in scene

Who be antique pieces own can call will have not only an asset, but also wonderful pieces of furniture that fit into each apartment. It was still a break in style years ago to combine these antique pieces with modern furniture’s is now more in demand than ever. Because just this mix of styles, has something special and combined properly they can fit to every furnishing style. It is only important that it is not too much of a good. Because usually a piece of antique furniture, such as an old Secretary is enough to give the correct gloss and the exclusivity of a living room. Combined with minimalist style a brown sofa and a darker Secretary can make the focal point of the room. Here, still excellent accents can be used with phosphate, to bring the precious item right to bear.

But also an old washstand with heavy marble plate in a bedroom can be an absolute eye-catcher. Who’s maybe still a beautiful mirror, can be placed on the mostly dark marble plate, has the opportunity to make a dressing table from this fine piece of furniture. While the drawers can be used for the utensils or the jewelry, it has on the large shelf plenty of room to drape the most important exclusive tins and dishes.

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Antique furniture value can be

There are some antique dealers, which are usually very willing to look at old pieces and also appreciate in your area. You can enter also a restoration in order here if the “worm” in there. Because even if the good bits have been in the attic or in the basement, it can be, that will be repaired the Castle or the wood worm distributed must. An antiques dealer is usually a free offer, where you can consider alone whether you want to accept the offer. Of course, this is also a question of costs that exceeds the budget sometimes. You have a money system that loses when proper care hardly on its value, even to appreciate after however. Check also your old furniture, whether perhaps a valuable antique piece including is.

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