Antique Telephones retro vintage

I love the decor that combines the modern with the vintage, because ancient objects have something special, a soul itself, were things that were done one by one, with details carefully.

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The retro vintage antique phones are a reflection of that time glamor things were before, so today I have compiled a few, and eventually put links to the store if you want to buy one do not be to be looking.

Older Phones vintage classic
Classic old phones are the most striking, for the details and its spectacular design. In his time only the upper classes could afford, nobility, aristocracy and wealthy families, were carefully crafted phones.

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But today everyone can enjoy its beauty and all can have one presiding over our living room, I assure you will be the center of attention because we are not accustomed to seeing them.

Telephone classic vintage style
There are several styles, shapes and ages, what they all have in common is that they work like a normal phone in Spain. We can call, receive calls, make redial, etc.., So they are taking are so well accepted, because we have a classic design with the functionality of modern phones.

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The truth that use one of these classic phone technology era is very exclusive, sets you apart from others and gives you a fun aristocratic air, are very different to normal and that they like me.

Old retro phones
Now change period, classical to one that might know more, that of the 50, 60, 70 and 80, when you took a technological leap, while maintaining the character designs. The old retro phones are like most cool, young people we love because they combine great with modern decor. Now that they are retro fashion these old phones are at their best.

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Old retro phones
The most successful are having are these black, elegant cut and elegant, they are serious, straight out of a major release of the 50. This mysterious aesthetic so personality is what makes them so attractive, have one in the room home gives you a new look, the more interesting I would say.

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Old retro phone
Then in lsa pictures below, we have a more recognized by all the families of the working class have had very similar at home. They are the classic dial phone, sturdy, heavy and strong. If you fell, the phone nothing was wrong, but as you give in the foot …

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This particular model has dial, Bookmarking must rotate like then, and gives it a point of very funny old phone. And if you’re wondering, it works! All phones that work I put in the Spanish telephone network.

Black retro phone 60s
Another wonderful example of retro phone 60s in black color, is this model that emphasized by high quality materials, sophisticated design following the original, with a dial that works like then and the sound is generated when calling a mechanical bell, exactly like the original at the time.

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Other very nice older phones
Finally here I leave a few nice old phones if you’ve been wanting to see different models. Also there wall red led that much in the 80 and 90, and finally one super cool style American car from the 50s!

antique telephones western electric
This antique American phone booth with a design from the 50s is beautiful, played very well all the details, there’s even a hole to insert coins and pick up the change!

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