Apartment furnished in white as a holiday rental in Italy

The modern apartment, which we would like to introduce in this article, is located in the Italian Cagliari and serves as the apartment owners. For this purpose, impressive renovations have been made through the apartment now has a bright and friendly appearance. This is achieved mainly through the establishment of white. This is represented by white furniture, light stone floors, white wooden beams, and the use of white concrete in raw look.

Darkwood dining table decor in white concrete shelf

Another special feature at this apartment with a white interior is that there are almost no doors. The master bedroom is an exception. To ensure privacy in this room, an attractive, Indian door from two wings was elected. Its tropical, warm wood stands out beautifully in the middle of the facility in white. Also worth mentioning is the staircase, which is located in the apartment. This fact leads to a terrace with breathtaking views towards the port and the city. The modern apartment is furthermore equipped with an automated home system with remote control, which allows the inhabitants, all electronic systems in the home to control.

Living Room Apartment Project 3d sofa white green accents

bathroom sink mirror tiles brown bedroom bed furniture

Bedroom Indian wooden doors closet white modern furnishings

Bedroom White bed beams glossy window beige stone

built-in wardrobe door shelf white decoration tiles Idea

Dining Kitchen Glasses made black glossy furnishings in white

dining table wood exotic decor in white chairs transparent

door indian design Floor Stone

Dressing room Walk mirror wooden door Indian white

Guestroom decor white bed pillow gray stone tiles

Kitchen Dining Table glass wall wooden interior in white

living room furniture upholstered in white sofa Floor glossy

room wall decor in white TV flat design

terrace sofa white outdoor wooden floor harbor italy

3d Project Room Kitchen Dining Room Decorated in white

floorplan facility in weissdesign Italy