Apartment set in gray – modern apartment as inspiration

This attractive apartment is divided into two areas. The living area consists of a living room with kitchen and dining area, while the bedroom includes so the bathroom. Both areas are in turn separated by the hallway and entrance area. It is striking did a large part of the Interior consists of different shades of gray.

apartment set gray bedroom bedspread lowboard dark

You want to furnish your apartment in gray and get so an elegant interior design, you can use this example as inspiration.

The gray color is used in this Interior in different shades and combined. As the sofa and did present in the living room the darkest tone accent wall opposite. This result but the white high-gloss panels did make up the wall perfectly to advantage. A very bright shade Which again elected for the floor in the form of a laminate. Would you so set up your apartment in gray, so consider a bright floor consideration, altogether to create a bright atmosphere.

apartment set gray corridor white make ideas minimalist wardrobe

A bright atmosphere was Achieved not only through the use of bright colors. During the day, so the large windows for lots of light contribute, while in the evening many lamps and indirect lighting systems comfortably make the atmosphere. The gray color in different ways is Introduced into the bedroom. For one, a gray bedspread decorates the bed. In addition again to the accent wall, gray curtains, as well as a lovely, monochromatic mural. Want to set up your home in gray can achieve a lot through the use of decorations.

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