Apply Feng Shui on 5 areas of your home

Your place positive energy and negative circulating are distributed according to how the spaces and the combination of the five main elements:. Earth, air, water, fire and metal From this it is Feng Shui . Harmonize rules can not only decorate your home, but your own life. Put them to the test.

Home Feng Shui Tips

The kitchen
Within the Feng Shui the kitchen is like the stomach of the house and therefore must be scrupulously clean. Your astrological affinity, in that sense, is given by the sign Cancer, but Leo also due to the fire element, with which the food is prepared, hence the most important space of the house is considered, the health center family.

Should be avoided by all means have it crammed with objects. Surfaces must be well cleared, the equipment we use (blenders, pots, toasters, etc.) well kept, especially when it comes to apartments or small kitchens.

feng shui kitchen layout

Hanging pots and products like garlic and chilies are harmonized if the kitchen is large or if the style is justified, but in a small space is cramped and cause disruption in the flow of Chi energy.

Also shows the arrangement of doors and neutralize with any type of power plants that are inverse to the order must have the Ba-gua at home.

The room
First thing we see in a house across the threshold and we immediately indicates how the family is moving.

If your life revolves around a television, furniture is oriented toward him is fatal and therefore kills any type of communication. If guests arrive, instead of stimulating intelligent conversation, which helps deepen bonding, people get to watch TV.

If space is very small no choice, but when there are more rooms as the room should be the place where the energy goes. Even in a small room, the TV must not occupy the center but a side.

Feng Shui Your Home

Avoid tables for space amid obstruct chi energy and invite a fall or blow. All should be well located, without excessive loads, the simpler the better design and less loaded. Plants can not miss because they compensate for the missing energy in underserved corners and create a harmonic tone in the environment. In the next post we will continue with the other areas where you can apply Feng Shui in decorating .