Arc lamp – 15 elegant results from the Amazon

The arc lamp. For us, it is definitely the Queen of the floor lamps. At the latest since the Italian designer Achille Castiglioni has presented his “Arco”, the arc lamps are considered indispensable stylish light sources for true connoisseurs. On the one hand practical and functional, on the other hand expressive ideal for smaller rooms or those with angles, and elegant, arc lamps gain prestige quickly.

arc lamp big bow bow light chrome design delights

Most models have dimmer and are adjustable in length. Thus they suitable for each area in your home and provide more comfort and Visual warmth. Depending on the taste and style, you can choose your own special arc lamp.

arc lamp big bow bow light chrome design delights_Fotor_Collage

Noble design pieces such as for example those of Flos are always recommended. There, but the cost factor is always crucial. Not less smart look, however, also arc lamps of other indie designers or manufacturers. These are usually more affordable and you can afford it without further ADO. That’s why we have made it us, perform a search in Amazon. We introduce today the result.

arc lamp big bow retro design knows no shipping floor lamp

Check our TOP 15 arc lamps. These are pretty cheap, but this also very refined. Some of them are in silver shine, others have lamp shades of frosted glass. Cambered Airfoil and curved lines enchant everyone and transform as a floor lamp in the undisputed focal point in any room.

arc lamp big deal deluxe silver floor lamp shine delife

In those classic Variant arc lamps mainly to retro fit style. Many lovers of this furnishing style maintain so equip your living room. There, depends on the half round lamp shade of colorful frosted glass directly above the couch and acts as a kind of simple arcade which surrounds the seating zone and elegantly rounds off. The arc lamp is there but in many other designs – in silver, chrome, copper, as well as with lampshades in different forms. Thus she are also perfectly suited for your facility in the industrial style, and why not in the purist style. Just experiment. Maybe you will discover many more possibilities to introduce an elegant arc lamp in your home.

arc lamp design lampshade extradefactory arc floor lamp new york drum

arc lamp extenso floor lamp lounge deal orange interior invicta

arc lamp extenso forma invicta interior white floor lamp

arc lamp floor lamp black of ashtray sales fever

arc lamp little retro bow design floor lamp design delights

arc lamp lounge deal aluminum-glass retro design modern interior a direction invicta interior

arc lamp p neuhaus standing lamp silverglance

arc lamp xl design arc lamp luxx white cagü

arc lamp xxl design floor lamp cagü1 630 x 390

colorful interior invicta arc lamp lights five floor lamp

extenso arc lamp floor lamp drum lampshade white interior invicta

invicta interior arc lamp lights five floor lamp