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The Australian international architecture firm Hassel Designs new headquarters as an example of the future of the working environment in China. The office complex of 150,000 square meters is designed with a flexible open space within a campus style flat in Hangzhou.

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The design is based firmly on ideas connectivity, clarity and community. The demonstration of these concepts are intended to create a positive and healthy environment, promote informal and creative interactions for every project. The meeting places, spaces living room, large areas of movement – both internal and external, and terraces are destination points strategically placed to foster collaboration. Overall, the masses built and empty are designed in a way integrally linked as a cohesive ensemble of figure and ground. A series of landscaped areas and outdoor spaces are shaded by architectural overhangs, which are reminiscent of traditional Chinese window screens vernacular pattern with ice, found locally.

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These planes lattices then complete the facades of the buildings on campus, uniting elements of the central courtyard. Project Name: See Alibaba Location: Hangzhou, PRC Disciplines: Architecture Experience: Commercial and Workplace Year: 2009 Scale: 150,000 m² Client: Alibaba Group Status: Completed Status: finished Photo: Peter Bennetts Recognition: Awards most successful design 2010 China .

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