Arrange mirrors in the apartment attractive

Mirror accompany humans for millennia. Archaeological finds prove that the man looked at his face in polished bronze already years ago around 5000. Today mirror belong to the obvious inventory of each apartment. But how do you recognize the quality of the products? How does one mirror to interior design,? And where should definitely hang a mirror? The photo show is attractive examples for setting up and decorating with mirrors.


“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” Even in Grimm’s “Snow White”, the mirror plays a central role. Since time immemorial, people were fascinated by their own reflection. During excavations in Mesopotamia, bronze mirrors were discovered that were created around 3000 BC. At that time you simply reflected in the bright polished metal, in today’s time mirrors are made usually of glass and used in different types and functions.


A large mirror in the hallway is indispensable
At least three levels there should be in every home and in every home: the full-length mirror in the hallway, the bathroom mirror and a full length mirror in the bedroom. To order before leaving the apartment can take a hard look at his appearance again, the mirror is an absolute must in the entrance area. Are well suited for classic wall mirrors that comprise at least half of one’s own body measurement and should be hung at eye level.

The frame should be selected for other suitable device. Mirror without frame make rooms look larger, but also have a cooler, more technical appearance as a mirror in wooden or baroque frame. In a classic ambience with a glass facet cut edge fits.

Wall mirror decor

Illuminate the bathroom mirror as possible from three sides
In the bathroom you can not do without a mirror. Very handy are mirror cabinets or tripartite, pivoting mirror. Many people also appreciate a cosmetic mirror, the larger the mirror image. This makes it easier to make-up or even trimming the beard masculine edge. Mirror in the bathroom should be illuminated as possible, each with a light source from above, from the left and from the right. Then draw on the face not shadows. The toilet is in a separate room, where a small, frameless mirror over the sink is sufficient.

In the bedroom, you need a floor-length full length mirror
For the bedroom, a walk-in full length mirror is recommended. So you can see whether the selected clothes also fit well together and if everything sits as it should to dress the same. Ordinary wall mirrors are well suited, but also a standing mirror can be a nice eye-catcher here. Often, even a door bedroom closets with walk-mirror surface.


Pay particular attention with large mirrors on the quality
Today, most commercially available glass comprised of a silver-copper or an aluminum layer, in which a glass pane is set. For higher-quality crystal glass mirror is used. Especially with large mirrors which is qualityimportant. “A larger mirror should not be under three millimeters thick, otherwise it deforms or breaks easily,” recommends Stephen Crumby from online shipping But you should also take not too thick glass, otherwise the mirror is too heavy to hang.

Wall mirror decoration

Especially for families with small children, there is yet another important quality. “Anyone with children should definitely take a mirror with Splitter Protection” recommends Crumby. “The is guaranteed with a mirror made of safety glass.” If you want to retrofit a splitter protection, which recommends the mirror expert special protective films which are glued onto the glass surface and prevent a falling pieces of mirror shatters into thousands of sharp shards. Safety mirror glass has a thickness of eight millimeters. Otherwise strengths between two and six millimeters are commercially available.

gilded full length mirror in hallway

Mirror hang properly and place
When hanging a wall mirror it is essential to note the maximum load and the type of wall. On one wall with clay plaster, for example, you can not firmly secure without further a heavy mirror. In any case, one should choose to hang a suitable plug which fits to the wall and to the load of the mirror.


You should also place the mirror and align it so that it does not reflect a dingy corners and no direct sunlight. On the other hand, a mirror opposite the window just dark rooms greatly enhance. The room then acts a bright, friendly and bigger. A cross hanged mirror expands the space. Mirror tiles are an attractive decorative element, but are not suited for the design of a functional mirror surface.