Artis Edgar magical dresses you can admire all eternity

The fashion of Armenia, Edgar Artis, Illustrator uses in his work an interesting mix: applied sheets of paper clipped on a natural background. As background I can serve you a reflection in a window, fall foliage, a few rosebushes, sky, or even a building. To create an unforgettable image, also uses different materials: for example, matches, Orange, pomegranate seeds.

Dresses that are actually Armenia (1)

But who is Edgar Artis? An artist of twenty-one years, self-taught, who dreams of giving to know Armenia through its art and return their creations to the reality of which availed herself of a day.

“To me what interests me is to inspire the people first and foremost, but also become a designer one day and make these dresses realĀ», explains to Yorokobu.

Dresses that are actually Armenia (2)

The young man used an image for their social networks in which hides the face and covers one of her eyes. It does so with the same hand that appears holding the creations that shares. That hand, in turn, is a drawn look that hides the real. By shyness or because you are still stunned after reaching so many screens, if asked, Artis is brief.Inspired by Shamekh Bluwi and Kristina Webb, Edgar wanted to create your own designs combining what he had learned from both artists: end dresses for your artwork with fragments of the real world or with food.

Dresses that are actually Armenia (3)

One of the first days of 2016, Facebook Drawing Pencil page shared the work of Edgar Artis through a folder of images titled Creative Fashion Designs by Armenian Edgar Artis. Since then, vestidos dresses topped with used matches

Magic Dress artist Edgar Artis (1)

Magic Dress artist Edgar Artis (2)

Magic Dress artist Edgar Artis (3)

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