Attic set up – create an ideal and charming interior design

To live on the roof may appear attractive, but not when it comes to the establishment of the attic apartment. You will agree that the attic represents the biggest challenges in the modern interior design. The space-saving furniture and the efficient interior solutions are here urgently. Attic set, means to take maximum advantage of the space and to provide enough storage space. If you are looking for new inspiration, how you can set up to best your loft, you take but which of our picture gallery.

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When designing an attic apartment you feel somehow limited. Use but the uniqueness of this area to create a charming place! If you want to set up an attic floor, it would be good to use some tips and tricks. This is a specific room and required special attention. Furniture design is crucial for a pleasant living space in the attic. Better not put on high and sturdy pieces of furniture, that would also not be possible. The furniture, which fit into an attic, are rather low and functional. Do not on a wardrobe or a modern sofa, but select a suitable design, leaving enough free space in your loft. Wardrobe systems, corner wardrobe and matching Wall shelves are a good solution.

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An attic is characterized by low walls and pitched roof. You could take advantage of the potential of this unique space through the correct color scheme. The colors play a much larger role here. Intrusive colors are not recommended, because they create the feeling of tightness and turbidity. Better use light shades. But is quite recommended to set individual accents.

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