Attractive chair with ottoman segment of Sow-ROM Yoon

Are looking for a new, attractive piece of furniture for your institution. Then we have found the right place for you. And is a Chair that is perfect to read books among others. This stunning Chair with stool called a segment. The design comes from SAE-rom Yoon and is similar in its form of a conch shell. However, the form was inspired by the protective womb. And it feels just as secure in the Chair also! The Chair with Ottoman is made of sturdy, dark wood and is shaped so that even armrests are available. The design is modern, but at the same time has a rustic appearance due to the dark wood. For this reason, it is suitable for different interior design styles as well.

clam shell mold wooden chair seat cushion and stool

The attractive Chair but also in a lighter color with some striking, dark colours is offered. Both parts, so both the Chair and stool have also a cosy upholstery, which can also be removed if necessary. It adapts itself to the body in different seating positions and guarantees utmost comfort in this way. The Chair with Ottoman is the perfect way to relax really. Did you get to read a book and thereby elevate the legs not lust? Sure, you’ll find a suitable corner in your home fits into this attractive Chair.

facility Apartment Furniture Chair and stool modern parquet

Furniture design chair with stool legs solid segment

Modern Design Furniture Chair and stool

solidwood design Accent chair Stool dark Idea

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