Awnings to cool the houses

The heat is coming, slowly this year … But eventually settle, do not doubt about it. In Decorablog continue our idea to help you to decorate your homes effectively and original, but always with an eye to the most practical ideas.’s Say proposals to decorate and make us more comfortable life at the same time.

large awnings-striped

One of the most effective ways to weatherize homes, saving energy and helping the environment, is to install awnings on the facades. Did you know that an awning can reduce heat for a stay between 10 and 12 degrees?

Fabrics that air
Yes, it’s true. In dry areas that would be the reduction of heat, whereas in humid regions lies between 6 and 8 degrees. These figures depend, though, on the type of tissue we choose for our tent: there are currently-art fabrics that offer incredible performance. Broadly speaking, we can divide into three groups fabrics: polyester, the cheapest, acrylic and micro, more resistant. The micro-perforated fabrics are great for terraces and balconies, and that let the air and create a ventilated area under the awning.

With or without motor, sensors, chest …
Another aspect to consider is the type of awning, as its structure is concerned. The left chest awnings without sight mechanisms and are the cheapest, but also the least aesthetic and resistant. Also there are semi-chest (when collecting, covering everything except the skirt) of chest and comprehensive, the most elegant and durable. In addition, manual or motorized structures exist, the latter sometimes integrated remotes. In home centers and specialty stores you can find kits for motorized awnings and include remote control. Ah! I forgot; also be completed with practical wind and rain sensors, which collect the awnings when things get ugly.

Awnings to cool houses





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