Backlit Decoration

You may have seen on occasion decorative lights that have caught your attention. A series of objects which at first seem to share common characteristics with all his fellows, but which particularly stand out simply by projecting a light, not being lighting products. Well, in these cases we have a backlit decoration.


This is possible thanks to the introduction of new technologies in the world of decoration, which offered to manufacturers and designers a wide range of possibilities to continue to innovate to get original pieces such as pictures and mirrors that talk backlit today. They belong to a large collection from which you will see several examples below.

Choose your favorite design
All these parts are made with an acrylic base on which strikes a particular light transmissive material. This fabric can show different images having to do with various themes such as flowers, major cities, landscapes and the animal world. This material covers the basic methacrylate across the front and sides, so that when you turn on the switch, the light projected object in the colors of photography, creating a beautiful visual impact and originality. These pictures and mirrors have low power LED lighting, which makes use more enjoyable enjoy without worrying about overspending.

As for the mirrors, different formats and sizes from which you can choose. There are full body models and other smaller-worn conventionally. Both groups may bear the mirror in the middle or slightly tilted display. In any case, all you can find to match the pictures, as well as with backlit headboards that I talked about yesterday.

Backlit mirror decoration


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