Balcony blinds made of wood – 50 ideas for balcony design

We will show you 50 ideas for balcony privacy from wood – Paravente, partition walls, bamboo blinds and co. can be in combination with lanterns, climbing plants and co. imaginative staging. Select the appropriate design according to your own living style rustic with cottage-style note, modern with a minimalist touch, in the exotic look or vintage romance.

Balcony blinds balcony ideas make small wooden vertical awning

The balcony cladding made of wood gives a natural look outside and ensures comfort. She is also extremely practical, anyway, a lot has to be considered in the design. If the balcony is shielded side / for example by partition or a folding wall /, only the railings are made from wood, or maybe a canopy/Pergola/is necessary on first place is connected with the location. If the neighbouring houses closely adjacent to the separate land, then it makes sense to shield seat side. The building has a hillside location, or it is located in a densely populated area, then should be thinking also about a canopy. Otherwise, wood railings offer privacy to below.

Balcony blinds make rustic wood plank floor

Continue to the balcony alignment plays a crucial role – the balcony facing north for example needs not be obscured while the Pergola for the South-facing balconies can shade also.

In third place comes the selection of wood – exotic wood last longer than the most local, but they are also more expensive, on average. The natural material must also face a lot and should be therefore Additionally impregnated with natural oils and possibly with special waterproof varnish coating. Also the proper care is essential for the longevity.

Balcony blinds make wooden trellis comfortable ideas

Balcony blinds railing planter wooden folding chairs

Balcony blinds wood dinette oak room divider wind break

Balcony blinds wood folding chairs of metal folding table

Balcony blinds Wood North directed to shade sunlounger folding table

Balcony blinds wood of VPE plates sliding doors canopy

Balcony blinds wood panels attach floor tiles hot

Balcony blinds wood partition design ideas switch

Balcony blinds wood planter of ideas

Balcony blinds wood recycled wood modern architecture

Balcony blinds wood romantic height railing lantern plant

Balcony blinds Wood Room divider evergreen potted plants

Balcony blinds Wood room divider glass railing ideas

Balcony blinds Wood Room divider partition design ideas

Balcony blinds Wood Room divider partition Scandinavian design idea

Balcony blinds Wood Room Divider windbreak north side panoramic view

Balcony blinds wood rustic vintage lantern planters

Balcony blinds wooden balcony pictures trellis-climbing plants

Balcony blinds wooden bamboo railing artificial turf stones

Balcony blinds wooden build your own ideas

Balcony blinds wooden corner bench

Balcony blinds wooden floor canopy partition modern idea

Balcony blinds wooden furniture panoramic view screen

Balcony blinds wooden jacuzzi screen glass railing table chairs

Balcony blinds wooden railing begruennen ideas

Balcony blinds wooden Scandinavian chic winter-sitting area

Balcony blinds wooden Scandinavian design light decoration

Balcony blinds wooden shield modern pergola furniture

Balcony blinds wooden switch bamboo furniture potted tree

Balcony blinds wooden white ceiling railings dark bangkirai room divider partition

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Balcony wood blinds bamboo wood railing planter

Balcony Wood Room Divider Vertical blinds big screen

Balcony wooden bamboo privacy screen wall fountain

Balcony wooden blinds bamboo blinds vertical sunscreen transparent

Blinds wooden balcony façade shields terrace

Blinds wooden balcony railing flower plants

Blinds wooden garden bench modern balcony design idea

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Customize balcony blinds Wood Room Divider blinds switch

Flowerpot of customize balcony blinds wooden railing Mediterranean lantern sunny

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