Barbie Room Decoration

Barbie has always been the dream of all girls and not so much around the world. This year Barbie turned 50 and celebrated with everything. Events in many parts of the world, new models and closer to reality.That little girl has not played with a Barbie doll, and she has dreamed up to be played it … many, including large still in love with her. But Barbie is much more than a doll.

This year, to celebrate his birthday was decorated and opened the doors to the world of Barbie mansion, known as Malibu Dream House. This Masion has over 1000 square feet and was decorated and set by none other than the famous interior designer Jonathan Adler.
Sure the decor is focused on the star: Barbie. Thousands of accessories and furniture make the Masion unique. From the kitchen to the bathroom, to the rooms, the Barbie dresses, the living and dining room. Everything is BARBIE. Many of the furnishings and items can be purchased and placed in any home.
You can see lamps designed with the dolls hair, chairs and furniture with lace skirts and corsets, dressing Barbie is full of pink shoes and apparel collection. This does not end there, in his garage Barbie has a pink Volkswagen Beetle ….
And if all this we add that there is a museum in the house where the models all Barbies of history and houses that have been in the fifty years ago the house … the dream place for any child .

If you imagine what it would be for them all to be in that house … incredible!! Enjoy the pictures of Barbie house and share them with their daughters .A living Barbie is the most beautiful place to play or when you get older, to spend time with friends, books and music. Happiness Barbie’s room is in the variety of all original items Romantic bed with headboard designed in a crown and upholstered with fabric of Dreams Barbie, comfortable tables and drawers all to make this dream room.
Living room, study, bedroom . everything! Barbie’s style in all things. Because we love fashion, we like to mix and customize any item with a unique and unrepeatable way to live forever with joy and lots of ideas. That’s the beauty of creativity and Barbie room.

A study area of Barbie’s room makes it more lively and attractive. A heart-shaped mirror on the wall, gives a happy environment full of creativity.
Everything in this room is spring. . Imagination has wings of a butterfly: the floral print on the headboard, the sliding doors of this room offers a splendid setting all spring. The idea continues with the implementation of butterflies and flowers themed objects in the pillows and sofas. Two ends with the silhouette of Barbie transform the platform into a small library and comfortable. Barbie drawers pink and finally everything escritorio.en brightens this room to make happy not only to girls but also mothers.