Basic Baroque style

The Baroque style was born in Italy, around the 1600s. The term comes from the Portuguese baroque means “irregular”, as this style includes curves and elegant d├ęcor and luxurious. This style uses dark tones, mixed prints, and furniture with many details. If you prefer a classic and sophisticated, this may be your style.


The colors in the Baroque style is intense. Choose gold and silver tones to give you a glamorous look. The colors red, purple, deep blue board and are also typical of this style. Do not be afraid to mix them, as this style is known for your exaggeration. The black is another popular tone in the Baroque style, but must be used carefully, as it can create a dark and off when used in large quantity. Create a balance when combined with gold and beige.

The furniture should be classic and eccentric. The legs of the tables and chairs are curved and carved details. The chairs are low, and sofas show the legs too. Use large closets, cupboards in the room and buffets or sideboards in the dining room. The upholstery of the furniture should be velvet, taffeta or silk. Use antique furniture if you can, the best places to find them are in used furniture stores or flea markets, and you can get a better price.

The walls usually are covered, either with wallpaper or granite or wooden panels. Use floral motifs, arabesques and geometric. If you dare you can paint your walls with a pattern of these. If you prefer to paint in one color, choose a tone typical of the style. Pictures and mirrors should be use to decorate large frames and detailed.

The floors in the Baroque style also have a detailed pattern. Stone floors are popular, they should have details typical of the era. If you prefer, you can choose flooring wood , but you have to choose a dark tone. Cover the floors with Persian rugs with more patterns and details.

Lighting and windows
The chandeliers are a must in the Baroque style, and are present in almost all rooms and spaces. Choose large chandeliers, remember, the Baroque style is striking and elegant. Use also lamps with color screens or red board. As for the lighting natural baroque style has large windows, usually ranging from ceiling to floor. Cover these with golden heavy curtains. Do not forget the tassels.

In the Baroque style used many accessories, especially porcelain. Use pots and vases of this material, you have hand painted details. The small sculptures, gilded, are also a popular accent. The overall patterns are floral or arabesque designs, and velvet and satin fabrics. Includes paintings of the time, especially some French. The mirrors , as already mentioned, must have wide frames and detailed. Add antique details of the time if you can find too.

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