Basic Tips for Choosing Colors Decorating

Before starting with the choice of colors for the decoration of houses first it may seem obvious, it is very important to be clear that we like colors and combinations, as well as those that match our taste anything.


At present there are several ways to access graphical information to guide us in defining colors for Decoration of Houses . You can use magazines, catalogs, home decorating stores, and even the Internet, which is a large and comprehensive showcase, which is quite easy to access and find there, thousands of ideas that inspire us.

In decoration there are some basic guidelines and tricks that serve as initial reference generally to choose the colors to be used in each room.

The effect and atmosphere to be printed in a room, will depend largely on the colors chosen.
■ Cozy and intimate environment, you can achieve using a color like red and dark tones, combining this with patterns and textures.
■ But if instead, it aims to create a sense of calm in the room will have to opt for a decoration with cool colors like blue. Similarly, to get relaxed environments are ideal soft contrasts.
■ If you are looking to give more spaciousness to a room , it’s best to err on the range of white in the decor, and soft pastels, with delicate atmospheres they manage and clean.
■ If in a room that is bright, you want to add a little warmth, a good alternative is to choose a soft, dark tone to qualify, however, for dark and dull rooms incorporate a bright color or an intense warm decor , is perfect to brighten the atmosphere, as well as using sharp contrasts.

Then a series of photos with interiors decorated in different color schemes, combinations, and in them you can see the various visual effects are achieved with these various mixtures.

best color dining area

blue color Dining area

colorful furniture ideas