Basics minimalist style

The minimalist style is simple and modern. Ideal for neat and serious people, this look is serene and peaceful. If you want a style in which you can relax and forget your problems this may be the best for you. The order and simplicity are the foundations of the minimalist style, so it is not the ideal choice for a family with children, but keeping its basic features this style can work in any situation.

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Neutral colors
The neutral colors , like white, black and gray are the most used in minimalist style. To keep her warm, beige and brown tones are added. The walls are usually white, which helps to make the space more light display. The minimalist style is important to the structure of an environment, so that neutral colors are the best choice because it does not prevent the stress is removed from the walls and floors.


color accents
Color accents can be used to add more diversity to the decor, but are not required, and some people prefer to remain completely neutral style. If you prefer to add color, do it in accessories or accent wall. It is a good choice to wear bright colors to create a contrast such as red or yellow. You can also add color in a special piece of furniture, like a chair or sofa.


Simple Furniture
The minimalist style furnishings are simple and straight lines. These pieces are generally wider than high, and are also geometric. The amount is not important in the minimalist style, choose a few pieces, but good quality, and remember to keep the simple space. In this style furniture tend to be light in color to make the space more light to see, but if you need furniture that is easier to care for, choose darker colors, but still neutral.


Few accessories
To decorate the minimalist style does not need many accessories. Remember that simplicity is the most important in the minimalist style, so choose decorations that are functional. A good lamp with a simple design not only serves as decoration, but also helps to illuminate the space. Complete the decor with a few decorative pieces and modern art. Carpets and rugs are not necessary, since the emphasis is infrastructure, including homes , is more important. Do not cover the walls with paintings and photos, and uses simple and straight frames. Nor will need pillows or cushions for your sofa or bed, and you need to keep the simple look. Use plants and flowers to decorate, but in an orderly manner. A vase flowers one or two is enough to decorate a dining table.


Good lighting is essential in the minimalist style, as this will help the space look clean and tidy. Natural lighting is important, so try to take full advantage. In situations when natural lighting is not possible, you must have sufficient artificial light. The lamps are used in large quantities, and it is more important to have a system of direct lighting in the ceiling that is functional.


To maintain the simplicity of the minimalist style is we import have a good organized system. The order is essential, so you will need places to store all of your items that are not part of the decor. Since this style uses little furniture this may seem difficult, it is necessary that they have storage space. Also used places like under the bed, cupboards and closets of the best way to get over your space. If you still have too much to save, get rid of everything that is not necessary .











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