Bathroom design and decorate according to Feng Shui

There is growing evidence of the trend to create more privacy and comfort in the bath. The bath should pamper the senses with beautiful scents, quiet music and candle light. Who would like to transform this refuge for the cleaning and care in a personal recreation Island, can make old Asian practice of Feng Shui after thousands of years its individual wellness bathroom.

bathroom with private window double sink freestanding tub

To optimize a house according to Feng Shui, principles to use should already plan planning so that start, the Feng Shui. If you can decide yourself where the bathroom should be, you avoid the entrance and opposite the kitchen door. According to Feng Shui, a bathroom if possible not in the bedroom should be integrated, i.e. There should be a separate room in the much natural light enters through a window of its own. At best, the bathroom is located in this part of the House where the garden is located or no roads pass.

bathroom floor tiles relaxing or marble color neutral doormat

In the first place is to make sure the choice of bathroom furniture, ample storage space and functionality – especially in the bath, much must located be. Ideally, you have stored all the utensils in reach and behind closed doors. Water and power lines should not be visible and may be obscured. Glass shelves are less suitable, as well as in pairs mounted mirror doors of bathroom cabinets according to Feng Shui, because they reflect a shared reflection.

asian bathroom wood shelf wall-mounted washbasin warm wall color ocher

Feng Shui involves a Visual balance – i.e. the element of water should not dominate the room. The so-called wet areas considered to be in Feng Shui energetically unfavorable. Toilet, bathtub and washbasin are so to speak “openings” outwards, through the positive energy from runs. With the use of appropriate colours and materials you can counteract this loss of energy – although Naturals and unobtrusive pattern to achieve a harmonious atmosphere in the bathroom.

bathroom wall decor bright color sky blue marble sink board

Cream, beige and sand tones, Terra cotta, yellow and ochre are suitable for a wellbeing bath excellently. Forego red is associated with fire the element, which is not compatible with the element of water in as far as possible to the color.Materials such as marble, enamel, porcelain is an excellent choice for your bathroom. The Feng-Shui-bid with regard to the forms is: round and soft instead of sharp edges.

cozy bathroom design with natural materials stone feng shui wood

Feng-shui-bathroom design layout the elements water-Earth It would be cheaper if you positioned the toilet not directly opposite the door and a window. To have the door but at a glance, it recommends the bathtub but ideally not directly opposite in the door line to place – there. A balanced lighting is also important. Daily also provide the necessary ventilation. Make sure that all installations are always perfectly work – the dripping faucet can for blockages and obstacles. To compensate for the energy, should keep as closed the door and the toilet lid.

feng shui in the bathroom floor design design pleasant haptics white

Upright growing plants, if necessary also artificial plants liven up the place and help to halt the energy extraction. Select types who love plenty of moisture. Accessories in green give freshness to the room. Colorful towels, pictures and accessories turn each bathroom into a bath full of flair. You can make a symbolic energy centre with the help of a vase.

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