Bathroom faucet – digital & electronic faucets

Who’s on latest technologies, will be happy in the bathroom about such accessories. That’s no surprise! Innovative technologies such as digital or electronic fittings facilitate a lot of things in the bathroom and also also attractive look. If you renovate your bathroom just or but make such a new, you can drag latest models for the bathroom faucet into consideration.

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Is but a display for the bathroom faucet, which indicates the temperature of the water isn’t as practical? The model mood of the company Noken offers but not only that. With the help of buttons, the temperature, but also the flow rate can be namely in addition set. In this way, each user of the bath gets exactly the water temperature, which seems most comfortable to him. The model is offered as a set in combination with a sink or a toilet and mirror. To get other accessory that can prove handy in the bathroom.

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The innovative bathroom there is not only in the classic Variant of metal faucet. Who so properly modern want it in the bathroom, can choose him a white version. Original way faucet can be set in this bathroom. The two-valve with simple, modern design is attached vertically or horizontally on the wall. By pushing in, then select an any temperature that is displayed by scale. The model comes from CEA designs and is called Regolo.

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The bathroom faucet model proves that it must be not necessarily digital. Despite the mechanical adjustment, the faucet is extremely elegant and innovative. He is the perfect accessory for your modern bathroom. This attractive design comes from Octopus design and is offered by Hansa. Not only the modern form, but also the manner is impressive, as the water from the bathroom faucet flows. This creates a more interesting ‘curtain’, which makes hand washing a special experience indeed.

bathroom faucet KWC ONO design digital touch blue led light

The bathroom faucet includes this control panel. With its help, you can let the water flow button and stop it again. The attractive LED lights will show you also how hot or cold is the water, which in turn determine with the help of the control panel. Sure, you feel annoyed by the drop on the faucets in the bathroom. Will this not be immediately dried, unsightly lime stains be removed later arise. This innovative bathroom here you faucet model by Hansa help. Namely, faucet has a sensor that detects your hands and ensures that the water comes at the right time to iterate the bathroom. Then the water will stop automatically.

bathroom faucet bathroom faucets hygiene electronically

It is but still not enough. The sensor detects even if close to the sink and fills it with a pleasant light. The water flows in turn like a waterfall on the bathroom faucet. Also the design is interesting. The two sheets of chrome surround an attractive glass plate. It is also interesting to know that the design of the so-called HansaMurano X comes from Bruno Sacco. This is namely former Chief Designer of Daimler-Benz.

bathroom faucet touch screen display silver carlo frattini

The black bathroom faucet is a model of Graff. He comes from the Ametis collection, which includes also such a faucet to integrate in the sink for the plate of the Cabinet, as well as a wall and for the bidet faucet. The water is brought by lifting the flow. Except in black offered the bathroom faucet but also in an elegant white and polished chrome. The simple and attractive design in organic form but is not all that impressed this faucet. The lever is surrounded by a glowing ring, light pink or blue depending on the water temperature.

bathroom faucet weissdesign technology touch gloss

Do you want that highlighted the bathroom faucet and is an eye-catcher, choose a color that set up stands in contrast to the rest of the bathroom. That not only applies to the faucet pictured above. In addition also an original design in a spiral form. Latest technology is reflected also in the right model. Also in this bathroom faucet temperature and flow rate can be adjusted. For this purpose here but uses a touch screen. It also offers the possibility to save your personal settings and conveniently check your water consumption.

bathroom faucet grohe colors LED digital temperature turn

So that you get a warm water temperature fast possible, the unit offers the possibility to maintain a temperature of 38 degrees with just a push of a button. Errors in the program, they are used in by an alarm in knowledge. The bathroom faucet comes from the Nomos series of Carlo Frattini. There are various discharge designs, which determined, see the most suitable for your bathroom. This bathroom faucet is made up of three components. These include the discharge, the Bedinfeld button shape, as well as a mixing valve. These can be installed according to your taste and the bathroom design anywhere. The faucet can both stand on the Cabinet, and be attached to the wall.

bathroom faucet wall gray metal cea regolo

The bathroom faucet is called Ono and is a model of the company KWC. It is operated by touch in a simple way. Type, for example, once, cold water begins to flow. Twice in turn means hot water, while a triple tap for hot water. But in addition, you can adjust this preset temperature by turning the knob. The led rings depending on which of the three levels you have set, in red, orange or blue. This bathroom faucet determine again the flow, save any settings and also a wireless service from a different area, is possible.

faucet bathroom black matte organic form lever

This original and modern bathroom has also yet another faucet in addition to the properties mentioned already in other models. The cock itself is mounted on a Board, which is attached to the wall and makes a great shelf under the mirror. The BLOK electronic faucet comes from Treemme. The futuristic look is extended further through the easily end ring is integrated into the faucet. The practical on the bathroom faucet by Grohe is not only the wireless controller in round shape, which can be used anywhere in the bathroom. Also the color of the LEDs changed depending on the water temperature, so even at first glance will know whether the water is cold or hot. To prevent unpleasant surprises.

faucet bathroom chrome optic noken mood knopefe original form

The bottom button allows you to bring the water and again to stop it. The plus-minus buttons are in turn intended to adjust the temperature of the water. Have you found the perfect setting, you can save them again. The intensity of the water jet you can determine faucet again even in this bathroom. To do this, simply turn the knob in the direction. The modern bathroom faucet by Grohe exists in two variants. It can be mounted on the wall, as well as on the plate. The two models are called Grohe Veris F-digital and Grohe allure F-digital.

faucet bathroom hansa temperature setting luxury metal optics narrow

Not only the washbasins can be equipped with a digital bathroom faucet. The bidet is just much more comfortable, if you can set the perfect temperature. Choose a model of Grohe for it again and you will not regret it guaranteed. Found favor on the black variants, the Ondus will be models of Grohe again just right for you. In addition to the buttons to adjust, each bathroom has also a display that shows the exact water temperature faucet.

faucet bathroom black matt spiral shape design of touch screen

Nevertheless, at the classic look in metal, you have the possibility to meet your taste on this model. No matter what color you choose, you are guaranteed to a true eye-catcher, which offers also complete comfort!

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