Bathtub with shower zone examples!

The comfort in the bathroom is very important to us. If you have a medium or large bath, there is no dilemma whether you set up this room with a shower or a bathtub let for se. You could have both, because the space is sufficient. If your bathroom is smaller, or they simply want to save space, there is also a practical alternative for you! And, indeed, be without a tough choice between shower and bathtub must.

Bath & Shower combinatorial

They have at the same time, to have more free space in the room! A bathtub with shower zone is the right decision for such small bathrooms. They can be designed as beautiful and modern, because they will certainly love in this space-saving suggestions! You can be with or without a protective screen or with a full shower with door or partially protected – the selection is according to your own taste! For a bathtub with shower area, look at our wonderful suggestions and ideas!

Bath & Shower modern bathroom

Bath & Shower purple white

Bath and shower combined bathe outdoors

bath shower wall elana comfort

Bath tub combination green color

Bath with overhead shower glass door

Bath with shower and curtains

Bath with shower door zone design modern Bathrooms

Bath with shower integrated

Bath with Shower Luxury Bathroom

Bath with shower zone combination

Bath-tub and shower bath with shower zone

Bath-tub and shower

Bathtub for small bathroom walk in shower

bathtub inter alternates with shower bath

Bathtub with shower zone

Combined Bath & Shower

Luxury Design Bathtub with door and shower

outside shower with bathtub in a

Shower and bathtub in a modern design

Shower and bathtub in a white color

small tub shower combination bathroom design

small tub shower combination