Batman Themed Room

Are you a fan of classic superheroes? If you like fantasy rooms or have a child who would also love to have a room Batcave as note the tips noted in this post. The black, gray, white and dark brown colors will be your reference to decorate every part of your bedroom. If we start on the floor, we can put a gray carpet and gray ceramic tile floor or wood laminates for the bathroom. The walls can be a rustic gray coating to achieve a dark of a cave or of metal plates that mimic a dark brown wood finish and elegant. Would be great to also be accompanied environments separators glass partitions to give a sophisticated touch.

LED technology
If the owner of the room is of a child age or will be a game room can be decorated differently happier, painting a mural with one of the classic images of Batman. As will be an alcove where dark colors predominate, do not forget that this room should be well lit. We recommend installing LED lights embedded in the most convenient locations in the room. If you like this stay still more spectacular, do not discard put batse├▒al light with the Batman logo on the roof. Would you avisar├ís when you’re in danger?
For furniture, that is, a bed with sheets and blankets, as well as the rest of the furniture, all that must be met is to blend with the colors of the wall. For example, if you install a gray room, the quilt must also have some of this hue, but would also be good to put on white sheets. Nor discards put a muted gold and elegant, that might even match the headboard. For furniture, black is another color that would be perfect and also the lair of the Batman.

The Batcave should have high-level technological equipment, such as a plasma TV black wall opposite the bed, or even in the bathroom while you shower to see. Also, both the shower and the tub is also convenient to be sophisticated and whirlpool. In the room, you can put a string musical art as well as a computer. The futuristic minimalism or help you guide you on what type of furniture and choose items.