Beard grew speed – methods and effective means for fuller beard

Today’s article provides an interesting reading for the men who want to speed up your beard growth. Often, the question is asked why so many men want to stimulate your beard growth. The desire for faster beard growth is certainly legitimate. Although the facial hair is often perceived only as an expression of manhood, the wearing of a beard is rather an expression of individuality and a sense of life. If you have decided to let your beard grow, we have summarised useful information and tips on the topic of boarding.

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Regardless of whether you have chosen a new beard hair style or have noticed some spots on your face where your beard is irregular, beard growth is first and foremost associated with patience and time. Whether or not you have a magnificent fullness from the outset is genetically predisposed. This does not mean that the beard growth can not be improved. If, for example, you are under twenty years and your beard hair grows thinly and softly only over the upper lip, it is still no cause for concern. In some men the pronounced beard growth occurs only at a later time. The Volksmund says that regular shaving encourages beard growth. After a shave, the beard hair feels stronger because the hair no longer tapers. It is cut off at its thickest point. The speed of growth is practically unaffected by the shave and the whiskers are not really thicker. The hair roots are responsible for the quality of the beard hair and for the growth, which is why the impression that the shave can accelerate the beard growth is an illusion.

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The hormone testosterone leaves both your main hairspring sprouting and the beard hair. This does not mean that more testosterone can stimulate the hair growth, the existing hair is simply thereby stronger. Widespread is the opinion that a hormone treatment allows the beard hair to grow faster and more evenly, or to mask small gaps. Do not take hormone medications. They can influence the thickness of the beard but not the distribution of the hair follicles.

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