Beautiful and exotic Mediterranean home

Mediterranean homes plans most often associated with warm weather, with earthen enclosures, spacious porches and wooden structures. You are about to meet an exotic Mediterranean home, the work of Interior Designer Jessica Bataille. It was built in 1970 and was converted into a coastal Mediterranean residence.

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A typical feature of this House are gentle reflections of the past – gredoredi on the ceilings, oval arches and old solid wood furniture. It is located in the coastal town of Jávea-in Valencia, Spain and was reconstructed for a Belgian family.

mediterranean home design photos

Along with beautiful furniture for the home and the House comes the typical dose of white. White walls, ceilings and Windows in combination with abundant amount of natural light illuminating the scene. The white motifs are an excellent basis for positioning the very vivid and colorful colourful touches. The overall palette of colors brings freshness in the premises of this exotic Mediterranean home.

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In the Interior we find another wooden tables and chairs with interesting design, vintage charm and a rich combination of colours and materials such as wood, bamboo, cotton and glass. Beautiful patio with lots of colorful plants, wrought iron columns and colorful motifs, rounded arches between the premises and the wooden beams create a feeling of calm and warm environment among nature.

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Typical faience flooring throughout the home is another typical feature of houses in similar style. In our days the Mediterranean décor is favored in many parts of the world. You will see it, both in Spain and Italy, and in distant America. The beauty and the charm of Mediterranean broadcasting are a prerequisite for those conditions for leading a peaceful life.

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