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Alone by one or two elements of design, you can achieve a fabulous atmosphere in your home! See how to do it! Do you know the American arts and Crafts movement? This took place in chronological order between the art Nevou art and Art Deco. This was created as a response to the lack of personality in the appearance of this.

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This Bewegzung sat down for originality, artisan art, local and natural materials. The simple forms were also Very much prominent.

The arts and Crafts movement had their strongest years between 1901 and 1925. Well-known designers from this period are Gustav Stickley, Greene and Greene, and Frank Lloyd Wright. These designers wanted to bring nature closer to the interior design.

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The Fnúntkion got a first-rate importance due to their work and the beauty was in the selected materials and original design. Many of the forms and principles of Craftmans movement are now close to our hearts. You are included in the Interior, as well as in the exterior design. For you we have now 9 ways for achieving this style.

The clean lines and the simple Silhuetten are of key importance for this design approach. The materials have always a central position. The strict lines show strength, character and craftsmen working at the highest level.

How to get this look:

This style fits nicely with authentic ambient or in transition homes. In this case, you can distribute just a few pieces of this kind at consistent points.

2. easy and very impressive lighting
The simple and elegant lighting in this period consists mainly of glass, metal and bronze in rectangular or oblong shapes.

How to get this look: to emphasize the simplicity of the time one devotes himself to pieces with simple designs. Many of the contemporary pendant lighting, chandeliers, sconces and lanterns can give a Craftmans appearance every room.

3. hand-made tiles
These were essential to this style. Pictures show the typical Craftmans often solid tiles or those painted with illustrations of nature. Often, one mixed with such decorative pieces made from natural materials.

How to get this look: today the Craftmans can be tiled Very much expensive. You can achieve good results through the partial covering with such, or alternatively you can negotiate with a craftsman from the region for the development.

4. glass painting
The natural light plays an important role in the Craftmanns houses. Window as shown in the figure have a high functional and aesthetic value. The cost and the significance of the details are in your hands.

How to get this look: instead of installing new Windows, you could paint the old. You too can obtain less-permanent solutions.

5. device technology
Simple devices, such as cupboards, rectangular beveled doors, handles and switch plates make a contrast against the natural wood in the House. Copper, new and weathered Tin was often a used in polished, painted and equipped with oil-rubbed or hammered surfaces.

How to get this look:

You can To find the craftsman style in many homes today. Fillings made of copper and bronze are no exception at all. But in most cases you need a tailor-made solution.

6 fireplaces
Most of the houses in a Craftmans style have a central hearth. It is surrounded by surfaces made of stone or tiles. Traditionally, these fireplaces were flanked by built-in details. You reach a square look this way.

How to get this look: you can add a wide sheath made of wood to your fireplace. This will contribute to a Craftmans Erscheinugn. Looking for something easy and simple and use the natural beauty of the wood in the foreground.

7 breakfast tables
The formal Victorian kitchen on the image is used only for the preparation of food. The kitchen activities are hidden the dining and Living room Hancock. Anyway you devote the most attention in the Craftmnasstil kitchens.

The integration of the dining tables and the other facilities made possible the family reunion.

How to get this look: the banquettes look wonderful and make use of the space in a suitable manner. The example shows strong lines, Which one are typical of the Craftmanns design. But you can make the look A lot softer through a couple of pillows.

8 natural floors
Style typical for the Craftmanns are the surfaces of wood and stone. Therefore, also Persian, Turkish and Indian rugs are particularly apt in this case. You provide more warmth and sensuality.

How to get this look:
If the budget for an aufwenidgen replacement of the floor in the entire kitchen isn’t enough you could restrict this use on smaller areas. You can provide some more Craftmansstil pieces of furniture made of stone and wood and a striking carpet from your favorite business.

9. built-in furniture
The built-in craftsman furniture are typical of this style Very much. Also, you make the House quite functional. Windowsills, tabletops and sufficient memory slots are Very much beautiful and effective.How to get this look: many new homes have interesting structural features. There you have the possibility to build a lot of things. Here, many own, economical projects can be attached. Look for more warmth and individuality in your home? Do you want to achieve an artistic effect? The Craftmansstil will help you Very much.

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