Beautiful lamps decorated with crochet

Are you for that you love to crochet, crochet-? Do you have a house full of “Mouse” and no longer know what to do with them? Would you make rosettes lees bedspreads or tablecloths that never end? Well look what we have found great idea. Only you have to get the base of a lamp, which may be one ex-teachers or buy any you have at home and you no longer use. Cover the wire with crochet screen made with crochet those jobs you have at home, or better yet, create a unique and exclusive screen to decorate your home.

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The result, as you see, is delicate, personal, original and decorative. What do you think? You like it? Would you put one of these bulbs in your house? Previously I made ​​a tutorial for making yarn lamps . Did you like it? Now I leave a tutorial to make a crochet lamp . A few simple placemats made ​​with crochet can be used to make a pretty lamp like this.

One balloon . The bigger, the better
Several crochet placemats. You can buy in a supermarket.
Wallpaper glue

Step by step:
Blow up the balloon until it is the desired size.
Take a tablemat and give several strokes with the glue. It has to be done several times until it is soaked.
Take the blanket and paste the globe. Repeat the process until you’ve covered the globe. Try to remain adhered blankets on each other, to connect.
Pop the balloon.
Put a spotlight inside (I recommend fluorescent).

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