Beautiful umbrella balcony and garden in front of the sun

Have you thought about ever about, you need an outdoor area to be nicely designed? Outdoor furniture are mandatory, plants are also considered an integral part of a beautiful exterior. You do without any accessories and appropriate lighting of course also. What remains then, you need an outdoor area? We you whisper: it can’t without an umbrella!

Balcony Parasol dining Stones Throw

A great advantage for every outdoor area is through umbrella to make balcony and garden, a shady place. This of course also benefit, because you can avoid the strong rays of the Sun. It secures a cool resort, where the sunny days more pleasant by integrating a parasol. In the summer isn’t the parasol a luxury no one desires to renounce so?

Balcony Parasol Garden lawn rattan side table

The shadow in the garden, as well as the balcony, it is estimated on summer days very much. You can enjoy wonderful these through an umbrella. In most cases, is the floor stand of the parasol by the garden table or stands just before this even. The last proving but something impractical, because the parasol in this way has an extra place. Often it is even an obstacle to free movement in the garden. Therefore, the traffic light screens are a good way to make a sunny garden more enjoyable, without sacrificing the valuable space in the garden. In addition, they are not only as chic, but also as a highly functional. Imagine them there, where the shade is required. The floor stand found on the side of the garden furniture set, which turns it into a compact solution for the garden.

Balcony Parasol green small balcony railing chic

The umbrellas for the small balcony must meet certain criteria. Usually never enough space here, so you should be set to functional variants which you can save space. Can be a mounted parasol into consideration in this case on the wall or on the balcony railing.

So enjoy the summer days in the shade, and don’t forget to draw the umbrella, when you no longer need it! Accidents can be avoided of course! Also your parasol enjoys a long life!

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