Beautify the garden with shade plants

In the summer, each according to freshness longs and everybody’s looking for a cool shade. Some plants also! Everyone enjoys the beauty of the plants, but it is possible not everyone as longer to maintain. Much depends from the garden location actually, whether your flowers of a long life are enjoying or not. Do you have a balcony on which shade plants thrive best? Or there are shady places where you want to plant the right flowers in your garden?

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The shade-loving plants also need enough water. Water so well the shady places in your garden. Where no sunlight, easily many plants can thrive. Many of them are shrubs, but there are also many flowering plants under the shade plants. If you are looking for beautiful ideas, how you decorate your own shady garden, we introduce some plants, which like the shadow.

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These flowers are among the most poisonous plants on European soil. If you have small children, you better refrain to plant this flower in the garden. You should be careful even when gardening. You are still beautiful decoration for your garden.

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A little sunlight won’t hurt the plant. It is also known under the name giant Saxifrage. The Bergenien need no special care on your part. They are undemanding and beautiful plants.

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Tricyrtis Hirta

The toad lily is similar to most of the orchid. That is why it is called also garden orchid. This plant has a particularly long member and is a frost-sensitive flower. It comes from Japan.

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Known heart Lily, as plantain Lily

The decorative leaves of the Hostas cause real fascination. Their color and shape vary for different varieties. The heart Lily has bell-shaped flowers and upright stems. These are long-lasting and robust plants.

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Some varieties of the Foxglove

The thimble is regarded as a highly toxic plant. However, it has an application in medicine. In the Garden we cultivate the Red thimble.

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