Beautify your kitchen 10 ideas such as home accessories made of wood

Wood is one of the most popular commodities. There are close to nature and has left untreated a warm color. Just in the kitchen, where many people spend much time, it wants to build an oasis of well being. With a few tips to make your kitchen with accessories made of wood special.

Home accessories olive wood spoon kitchen cutting board schuessel egg holder

The properties of wood should have a calming effect on the heart and mind of the people. The closeness to nature soothes our blood pressure and heartbeat. Wood has a warm and welcoming character and thus surpasses all other surface Materials, such as plastic or stone. Also pollutants, such as plasticizers can be ruled out if this material. No wonder that right now, in a time in which we consciously want to live it more and more in the trend is.

Home accessories wood kitchen fronts wall ceiling trim

In addition to the popular kitchen or the dining table made of wood, small furniture in the kitchen are a real eye-catcher. So covers a wide range of beautiful wood stools – whether as a bar stool or as a decorative but useful step stool.

Home accessories wood wall kitchen wine rack glass holder

Smaller shelves, such as wine racks go something visually in the wood material. Here also all sorts of decorative and creative ideas can be found as a simple wine rack can be a highlight in your kitchen. Often, old Euro pallets are processed and manufactured to fine wine shelves. Beautiful old wooden boards, which were drawn by the time are also represented. In this larger holes for the bracket on the neck of the bottle can be drilled using a Forstner bit.

Home accessories wood kitchen tea light holder a branch

Lots of kitchen utensils can be found made of wood. The well proven spoon is one thing, but also other cutlery can be found made of wood. So the salad cutlery and knife block. Always find new and interesting possibilities of the simplest utensils.

Home accessories wood wine bottle holder kitchen olive wood

Bowls and plates of wood are popular now, especially from olive wood. The exceptional olive wood grain is the wooden dish a special flair. Of course, there are appropriately cutting boards or pot documents in all sizes and types of wood. Also kitchen utensils made of wood, as it offers such as, are a popular kitchen utensil, which requires no other material.

Kitchen wood wall counter top wooden floor white fronts

Decorations made of wood bring in a kitchen atmosphere. It is available to more and more designer goods made of wood. So even extravagant wine bottle holder or particularly unusual lamp models. There are many do-it-yourself ideas just for the purpose of decoration. For example, with Driftwood planks can be beautiful decorative elements. Old wood to the creative will be found in junkyards, demolition companies, strolling along a river or on the beach.

Home accessories wood kitchen step stool tree trunk stools

More interesting ideas are kitchen Planner made of wood with shopping list and meal plan for the week ahead. Vase holders, are attached through a flange on the wood a beautiful way of decoration for your kitchen. Also the towel rail can be produced with a short straight branch. Tea light holders are just as easy in the production in all shapes and sizes. Also here you can help with a Forstner bit and drill holes in the desired object.

Home accessories wood kitchen wall decoration

Fancy wood in wall decorations. These include wall coverings made of wood, lamp holder or as alternative variant art images made of wood, and wood frame for your photos. Quite simply, can you hang an old wood Board, which looks not more perfect on the wall and enjoys the atmosphere thus created. There are no limits to creativity and the Internet is full of self make ideas.

Home accessories wood kitchen dark wooden tray different sizes

To keep wood durable, especially in the kitchen, where it tends to higher air humidity is needed from time to time a little care. So that changing humidity and sunlight can not harm the wood, there are a few care instructions below:

Home accessories wood kitchen cutting board oils care