Beautify your walls self-adhesive wallpaper – quickly and easily!

That the self-adhesive wallpaper full lies trendy, will surprise any more determined. It is not only the relatively light application, but also to the fact that most wallpaper producers make the photo wallpaper adhesive based solely on. The wallpaper without using glue, sticky fingers and unpleasant stains on the floor like anyone who’d like to embellish its walls understandably. There is hardly something that does not exist. You find any any pattern and any color that you need. You can also easily shoot your own photos and order them online at a wallpaper firm as photo wallpaper. Nowadays, almost everything is possible. And with a great self adhesive wallpaper you can customise your walls in an easy and original way. In addition also the advantage that these wallpapers are relatively inexpensive.

self-adhesive wallpaper Egyptian hieroglyphs

Also make sure we have a short guide for self-adhesive wallpaper for you. All what you need doing, except themselves, of course, the wallpaper:

Felt squeegee or broom
soft cloth

The most important is the base of the walls at the beginning. It should be completely smooth and free of dust. That’s why you should treat freshly plastered walls with a fleece. You can create also a smooth wallpaper first on it. Especially for photo wallpapers, buckles provide pretty ugly distortions.

self-adhesive wallpaper floral motifs babyroom

Next, you should consider orientation lines on the wall, which is then easier to stop.

First turn the wallpaper on the back. There is a protective film. This wallpaper site is namely the self-adhesive layer. Remove first about ten centimetres from the first wallpaper Strip.

Then set the car up to the orientation line and carefully print wallpaper on the wall with a soft cloth. Gently pull off piece by piece the more protective film. Finally, you smooth out the wallpaper with a broom or the felt squeegee from the center outwards.

Now remains only that you focus on the first car, to paste the other on the wall. Fit well in motifs and patterns and avoid long points and inaccurate work.

self-adhesive wallpaper elegant chevron pattern

Tip: If it bubbles form, you do the following.

A small incision on the wallpaper bubble can work real wonders. Right after that, you should easily with the help of cloth back to the wall print the body cut-up and smooth.

Have fun and success in the wallpaper!

Boxing self-adhesive wallpaper walldecoration lautsprächer

self-adhesive wallpaper floral pattern classic

self-adhesive wallpaper geometric pattern rectangular

self-adhesive wallpaper new york black and white

self-adhesive wallpaper ombre style blurred colors

self-adhesive wallpaper Secret Garden motif

self-adhesive wallpaper venice drawing

self-adhesive wallpaper wall covering white wooden planks

self-adhesive wallpaper wallpaper romantic sunset

self-adhesive wallpaper wallpaper walls made easy

self-adhesive wallpaper winter forest snow conifers

self-adhesive wallpaper woven wood Barcelona Chair