Beauty Spa Design

The jets in a spa with an almost miraculous beauty. The pressure and high water temperature keep the pores open, so they get more oxygen and produce a steady, natural regeneration, rejuvenating the skin and keeping it shiny. And it will require more expensive cosmetics or beauty treatments. Whirlpool action also holds skin cleansing action of dirt and bacteria, so avoiding the pimples, acne and other imperfections. Many specialists recommend daily baths in a spa to avoid expensive and aggressive beauty treatments like chemical peels. The skin will be firm, shiny, neat and rejuvenated, free daily stresses and strains.

The Mini Spa is an urban wellness oasis especially for the small sites of approximately 120 sqm of terraced houses by the architect Manuel Terramanus.DiseƱado Sauer The idea of its design is to make a common pool becomes an appropriate and individual item modern landscaping. The Mini Spa is feasible even in outdoor areas too small which explains the development of urban planning towards smaller properties. Thanks to the splinter-free finish all wood surfaces and edges of the mini spa is realized for perfect bathing pleasure, as it is harmless to skin.

Massages and body treatments are an important part of the income of a spa. Massage centers have remained a popular service, even during the economic downturn. While the creation and design of a spa massage can be daunting, well designed spa is the first step to a successful business.
Before you can design your spa must find a location. In the search for an ideal location for your spa, consider the neighborhood and its target customer market. Many spas new find their place in the mall, simply because the cost of renting space is less, compared to buying from a local. Get advice from a contractor to see the space available, and to get an idea of the cost of renovations, or construction of the spa. After selecting the physical, determine what type of body treatments are offered at the spa. Wet body treatments including scrubs and masks, wet room and require special plumbing facilities.

Visit the popular companies in the area to get design ideas. These companies do not have to be spas, visit any boutique, restaurant or popular store. Study the competition in the selected area to begin the spa. Understanding your competition will help you become a niche in your market.
Consider the services you want to offer and their prices for each. This will help you determine the amount of floor space to be allocated to each service. Offering a wide variety of services will attract customers who want more services performed in one place.
Meet with a wholesaler of spa and salon equipment. Buying all your gear in one place you can negotiate the price. Meet with a sales team before construction begins to avoid costly mistakes.

Finally, a draft design of wall color, furniture, equipment and decorations to get an idea of your overall theme. It’s easier to adjust your design in a table, to do it once the paint on the walls and equipment are installed. This design project will also act as a guide in buying end decor items, and allow you to put together a coherent design spa.