Bedroom Colors with personality

Maintain balance and sense of calm is also possible with vital colors (red, orange, yellow, pink). Because it is the most personal and intimate room of the house, we can encourage us to experiment with a color palette more unprejudiced. The key is to compose a harmonious color palette and avoid too contrasting color combinations.


When using a strong color to paint the bedroom walls should choose soft colors for the linens and textiles. The ivory, white, pastel shades and neutral ranges are integrated in rooms pleasantly bright colors predominate.If using white or neutral colors to paint the walls, you can add color using complementary fabrics and vibrant colors and intense. These splashes of color give personality to the bedroom without causing great contrasts.

The pink and blue colors should be used with caution in adult bedroom. Depending on the tone you choose or the overall decor of the bedroom can make the room look like a child or teen bedroom.

Personality colors (purple, lavender, citrus green, eggplant, red pepper, orange Hindu) are ideal for quilts and pillows. These colors look more if white walls broken are used instead of pure white. Pure white is usually too bright in contrast with these colors.

The influence of color space and people
The colors also influence spatial perception we have of a room. Children need environments colors on your walls to look bigger. Dark colors make the environment is perceived smaller than it actually is.

A well-lit room with enough natural daylight and good lighting at night is not a problem for the use of bold colors. Instead, a dimly lit room can be improved if you use soft colors and neutral tones definitely white walls.The colors chosen for the bedroom can affect in different ways the quality of sleep and mood. The vibrant colors may be too exciting for some people when it comes to seeking relaxation. In these cases limited to the use of recommended colors (blue, green, neutral) with a touch of color more intense.

The often pure white color is not suitable for people with emotional or depressed. In these cases it is better to use stronger colors, even colors to replace white lands. The reds and oranges, but generally are not considered to be recommended in exciting colors bedrooms are a good solution for people with depression.


Bedroom Decorating Ideas