Bedroom Decorated with Beach Theme

Scouring the web I found a wonderful example for youth bedroom decor. I think it’s great to share it here: this is a bedroom decorated with a summer theme . The idea is inspired by white sandy beaches, rocks and deep sea to decorate our own personal space. Firstly it is important to use colors that remind us of the beach and the blue or green water. The yellow and beige, inspired by the color of the sand, will also be good to decorate our bedroom.
There are two ways to decorate a bedroom into a beach theme bedroom. The first is to decorate your bedroom into a breezy and a natural looking space.

This first way is practically possible only if you have a big sized bedroom and plenty of windows. But if you have a small bedroom or want to decorate an apartment bedroom, then try the second way. For the second bedroom decorating method, you can select items which give a feeling of the beach, and add them to your bedroom decorations. Here are some ideas to help you decorate your bedroom beach-style.

Well, if you enjoy the nice laid back ambiance that the beaches provide, why not decorate your bedroom so? Just think of all the colors you see on the beaches. You could go wild while painting the bedrooms, using warm, light colors like sea blue, light green or even yellow. You could also try a sea-waves-like texture on the walls. Let the paint make your room look sunny and casual. Painting it in cream colors will make it look too royal. What you need is a laid-back, cool looking color.

Murals depicting the beaches are a very good tropical bedroom design. For the bedroom furniture, you could get beautiful sea-blue colored bed sheets and pillow-cases. Also, you could have a mud or sand colored headboard on the beds. Keep the furniture a little scattered and color it in mahogany shades. You can have that too in a woody texture.
There are many elements that can integrate shorebirds your bedroom like palm trees, surfboards, shells, coral, sun, sailboats, a lighthouse, etc.. The ocean can be used as a reason to paper the walls or curtains to choose. Images related to the outdoors (eg, that of your own vacation) can add an interesting personal touch.

Hardwood floors help to complement the theme. You can add light colored carpets. It is also important to keep the bed at a level not too high and you add a hammock or wicker chairs. Finally, keep the room tidy and clear windows to let in a good light.