Bedrooms bed in solid wood

With all that we have today, make a decision regarding the material of the various household furniture is usually quite complicated. However, wood has been, is and will be the material used to make furniture in all parts of the world thanks to its durability and versatility and that today there are other interesting materials such as glass or metals. And is that wood can make tables, chairs, cabinets, cabinet, beds … Of course, depending on the type of wood used will achieve different effects and may give more or less elegance into the different rooms.

Real Wood Furniture Today

The wood, cozy material
The Wood is a beautiful and naturally that makes the home more inviting. It also tends to be a durable material, whenever good quality, passed from generation to generation. But these are not the only advantages of the timber. It is also easy to clean and repair and furniture are not as heavy as metal, for example.

The durability of solid wood
Of course, all these qualities are enhanced if wood is solid , a timber that is as removed from the tree, through a process of drying, cut, brushed … This type of timber stands, especially, its durability as scratches, dings, dents, water marks and stains can be repaired. It is certainly the material that you choose when you want your furniture last for years and years, becoming in the future, a treasure for your grandchildren.

In fact, one of the first aspects to consider when choosing the furniture for any room is its durability , especially in the bedroom. So Boom Furniture offers options for solid wood furniture. Specifically, you can choose between 9 bedrooms ideal for sharing with your partner for a long time. And most importantly, it is cheap furniture .

Proposals for Furniture Boom
Among our proposals, for example, will find a modern double bedroom in solid wood headboard composed of 135 centimeters and two bedside tables, which can be found in walnut or cherry, being able to combine with other colors, such as color stone, blackberry, silver , black or snow, for only 639 euros.

More economical is still the master bedroom headboard composed of 150 centimeters, 2 bedside tables and mirror walnut color, which you can get for 568 euros, or consisting of another headboard to divan with tables 135 centimeters and 60 centimeters wide , available in walnut or cherry, for 558 euros.
You can also find solid wood bedroom for less than 500 euros, and bedroom headboard composed of 140 inches, 2 3 drawer bedside tables, a chest of 5 drawers and a mirror frame in walnut color, which costs only 470 euros , or room, for only 454 euros includes a headboard of 155 inches and 2 bedside tables with 3 drawers.

And if these prices will seem cheap, wait to see what you explained below. For only 341 euros you can purchase a headboard of 135-150 centimeters and two bedside tables with 3 drawers in white / beige or black / silver. And finally, let’s talk about a real bargain : a marriage headboard 135-150 cm and 2 tables in walnut, for only 222 euros.
These are just some of the proposals of marriages solid wood furniture Boom , but you can find other options on our website.

Bedrooms bed in solid wood







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