Bedrooms Very Feminine

When you live as a couple and shared bedroom, we must find a common ground to decorate and make sure the room is comfortable for two people and both are comfortable. However, when a person lives alone, it may be the pleasure of decorating the bedroom as you like, and do it all male or all female who wants.

rose bedroom

Today we launched some proposals female dormitories. And not all of them present the pink .

While acknowledging that many do. But it is also true that pink does not always have to be synonymous with bubblegum pink color and be sappy. In this image below, for example, which has been combined with the black, the effect achieved is force and vividness.

modern room

beautiful bedroom

With just a touch of pink, and combined with brown, the result is more romantic. Although this bedroom key that follows is in the spectacular wooden headboard upholstery: a unique piece that takes center stage.

white bedroom

And as proof that the blue, green or gray can get a bedroom also has a feminine air, the following images:

great smal bedroom

nice small room

classic room