Bedrooms with Brick Walls

As exposed pipes, even brick walls give the house a look a bit industrial and sometimes vintage is beautiful find, especially if the brick wall is original and not rebuilt. His charm, his warmth and friendly welcome are still able to make us dream with the splendor of the past. Cool in summer and warm in winter, bricks when used with taste and restraint add a touch of unique style to any environment, from the apartment to the loft. Of course, if you decide to leave your natural color, ie red or brown note is a bit tiresome for the eyes, and the board is limited to a wall or some hints for each environment, not to give the house a look too industrial and not reloading room visually, since due to their color tend to subtract brightness or illumination.

The walls of exposed brick, are a great decoration for any room, but they can also be decorated with rustic elements to maintain natural touch, both with modern furniture and technology to create pleasing contrasts and give the house a really style Original.

An alternative for brighter environments walls decorated with brick is painted. Those who want more light and a modern-industrial look can opt for a beautiful white, thanks to the texture of the bricks will never be trivial.
However, those who feel ready to dare a little more and prefer to give the house look a bit vintage, vaguely hippie can opt for bright colors, bright and burning should feature much more and will be a real blow to eye. In the latter case, the advice is to limit yourself to a wall for each environment, in order to avoid an overload of colors that could eventually get tired.Although some may feel that the brick walls have an unfinished look, most people consider an amenity in finding an apartment.

In older buildings, these brick walls reveal history and construction methods that are no longer in use, the brick walls add a large amount of heat into space. While it can be painted, there’s something so attractive about a textured red brick wall. This brick wall unfolds to become a cozy modern home. Neutral, black and white, decorated with bricks is central.

A classic loft has exposed brick walls, hardwood floors and plenty of natural light flows through large windows, bricks can make this a great space. In a space with less daylight and artificial light adequate amount adding a neutral sofa and a rug, it induces a sense of space light and airy.