Bedside table itself build – instructions and creative ideas

There is always something new and beautiful, what you can create with your own hands for the home itself. HOWEVER, it is quiet better if it can be committed not only pure decoration but as functional use. Because we are not professional craftsmen, did should go smoothly and as simply as possible in realization.

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bedside build do-it yourselfers manual wood slice bedroom bed

Not Necessarily, a bedside table has four legs and is not mandatory on the ground. He Could be attached to the ceiling and casual hang next to the bed. Of course, this is not as resilient as the Conventional, but can withstand but a glass of water and 3-4 books. Its resistance depends on the fitting to the ceiling.

To build a simple bedside table made of wood itself, requires the Following materials and equipment:

a wooden disc with any diameter (wooden board is)
Cordless screwdriver
Cord or rope

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Score a lot of selection of materials:

larger plate or wooden disc with a larger diameter, make more storage space available
Accordingly, the cord, or the rope be sought from
the drill be adjusted to the diameter of the cord
the hook and the dowels to be suitable for installation on the ceiling, keep a minimum weight of Approximately 10-15 without problems

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Only the Board or the wooden disc is carefully polished. On request, you can oil the surface or with paint. The wood, you get easy colors. For this, use water-based paints, Which are not harmful to your health and the environment. As a second step, holes in the plate are drilled to fix it later ran thus. A setsquare to highlight three points equidistant between them. From static point of view just the three points secure stable, Although knowmaybe, two of them are so Sufficient.

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Drill the holes slightly larger than the diameter of the cord itself. You deterministic mine the exact length of the cord if you consider, as the nightstand in the end hang. The height of the traditional night tablee Varies according to sleeping bed design, but is Usually between 40 and 60 cm, DEPENDING ON Whether you prefer low or higher it wants. Then, calculate the length of the cord if you deduct 40, 50 or 60 cm room height and three times. Leave a few centimeters longer node set and binding. 6 meter 1.5-2cm strong rope be enough. The cord be smoothly thread through the holes. A toothpick or other pointed Rod helps probably. You tie on the lower side.

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Now, you attach the hook on the ceiling. Determine Exactly the Desired position, mark it and make the hole with a concrete drill bit and cordless rotary hammer. Insert the dowel into it and then the hoes. Then, the finished nightstand design on the ceiling can be attached.

The same idea for home made bedside table is very creative in connection with the remaining interior. For a bedroom in the vintage style would be Appropriate to use a wooden plate with used look. Paint the wood in the same nuance as wooden beds, so did the two are right next to eachother.

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For more modern simply decorated bedrooms choose a rectangular wood board did you have deleted Previously in white or choose the material quite bright. Like, can be found for a used chair plate new usage. You can replace the traditional rope with steel. It is very stable and great selection, see the hardware store.

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If you have some old trays made of zinc in the attic or at the flea market on Which, do not allow synthesis to the page. The silver surface fits perfectly to the romantic residential Still and is suitable for a harmonious decoration. With rope or cord and hook and he attach the tray ceiling hanging.

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In metal baskets had Previously stored the firewood for the fireplace and Transported it to the room. Which are today very rare to find, but once cleaned and if Necessary cut off, win them back Their Bill. Great idea is to use synthesis baskets as decoration in the apartment. They attached upside down and hanging can be wonderful as decoration, but make practical tables next to the bed.

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