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The tile is used as bathroom material , because it is durable, easy to clean and available in a wide variety of colors, sizes and textures. You’ll want this post about things to consider before choosing bathroom tiles, so you can evaluate all your options. Remember that, once in place, the tile is nearly permanent so you must choose wisely. first step in choosing tile your bathroom will be to establish your budget. Note that the best types of bathroom tiles are also the most expensive. The choice of high quality materials usually means the bathroom tiles will last longer, however, it is possible to find low-cost options and durable.


Secondly, choose a material. The tiles can be made ​​of different materials, including ceramics, glass, granite, limestone, slate or marble. Remember that the type of tile you choose will be determined primarily by your budget. For example, ceramic tiles are very affordable while marble tiles are the costliest
Third, choose a color and style. Some people may choose a pattern that repeats while others prefer solid stripes. The mosaic tiles can create a whole scene. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that this will have an impact on the rest of the decor of your bathroom .
Bathroom Inside, the tiling is still king of the walls. To make a good choice for bathroom tiles , we should first choose the location thereof.

Knowing that tiles are fashionable, what material they are made, their durability and maintenance is essential to avoid mistakes on the option you choose.

Current Trends
Now it does not take large tiles with glitter , the latest craze is to use different colors and textures to go delimiting each space in our toilet.For example, one could distinguish a wall, the area of ​​the shower or the sink.Combinations of different colors are more popular than ever, thanks in part to tile that filled the bathrooms a decade ago, for example in the work showers .
In this sense, the gloss finish and metallic touches are perfect for bathrooms large and bright.

Choice of Tile for Bathroom
When choosing tiles bathroom, we always focus on their colors, while we forget the material of the tiles that are made, this being very important feature.Therefore, I recommend that, at the time of the election, not only not look at his appearance, but also get informed about the material that is manufactured tile in order to know about its durability and maintenance.

bathroom tiles: materials that are manufactured
Ceramics and Porcelain Tiles
Both materials have a very low porous surface, which is appreciated for its cleaning and maintenance. Also the Porcelain & Ceramic tiles are relatively inexpensive .
This type of tiles you can use them both to the floor to the walls.
Finally say that by their nature are perfect for color and texture to the bathroom.

Glass or Gresite
It is one of the latest materials to get to the bathroom which will give light glossy texture and charm .
Glass tiles are nothing or Gresite porous, so that the liquid does not enter them offering one good maintenance and easy cleaning .

Porcelain Stoneware
As I explained in a previous post, the porcelain stoneware can be used both as floor paving for tiling walls.
One of the advantages of porcelain stoneware tiles are the many natural colors and textures that can be found, and that this material will give you a warm touch to the bathroom.

Ability to break the uniformity Borders
Another trend that coming out and hitting harder is the placement of borders in different formats and especially different from the usual sense.

In Summary ….
Now you know a little more about how to Choose Tile for Bathroom . I hope this information will be useful.
The current trend using different colors and textures on several walls.
Not only look at the colors and inform you of the material they are made.
Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles: Economic and perfect for color and texture.
Tile or glass: have a glossy texture and gives light to your bathroom.
Porcelain Tile: Variety of colors and textures.
Remember, the positioning system is the most important criterion for choosing tile.



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